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One way that non-Transformer species seem to have influenced Cybertronian culture is the relatively rare occurrence of Transformers wearing clothing, as most prefer to be naked.



Optimus and Megatron: Slaves to Fashion

From time to time, some high-ranked Cybertronians tend to wear capes. Presumably, they are a symbol of office, as only generals, commanders, and other such leaders have been seen sporting them. Exactly what material these capes are made from is unknown, but one presumes that Earth-style fabrics are likely extremely rare on Cybertron (which could make the capes even more special, considering).

  • Optimus Prime and Megatron wore capes while serving as the leaders of the Cybertron Alliance. Prime's was purple (the Decepticon color), while Megatron's was red (the Autobot color). Whether this was a symbol of high office or just a desire to look pretty is unknown.
  • Starscream wore a cape, large shoulder pads, and a crown at his coronation as Decepticon leader. The crown alone survived Galvatron's blast, only to be crushed under his feet.
  • Leobreaker wore a cape when he battled Scourge after the death of Galvatron.


Micromastercoats s

You better accept the terms, or...

Quite a few characters have been depicted wearing trenchcoats, mostly when involved in detective work or similarly secretive activity.



No, really, thanks. I got to go now.

  • Most of the Pretender toys have clothing molded onto their Pretender shells. Naturally, it's only pretend clothing, being part of the Transformers' shells (which themselves might be considered a form of clothing).
  • In the TV commercial for the Pretenders, the human Pretenders can take off and reveal the muscle of the outer shells.
  • In Super-God Masterforce, human Pretenders wear clothes in their everyday lives as normal humans.
  • Cloudburst also wears normal clothing in Marvel Comics continuity. Recipe for Disaster!



*In crusty Mexican accent* Buenos días.

  • The Jointron brothers have been shown wearing ponchos and sombreros, as well as using mariachi-style guitars and maracas. This is both hilarious and racist.
  • Lockdown wore a poncho when he showed up on the remains of the Nemesis in reference to the Man With No Name from the spaghetti western A Fistful of Dollars. A Fistful of Energon

Helmets, hats and masks

MegatronOrigin2 Megs hair

This didn't happen. This didn't happen. This didn't happen.

  • During the Dark Ages, Jetfire sported a face-mask resembling his original toy, which was later upgraded into a fully removable helmet that he wore along with detachable armor. Skyfire (comic issue) He would also wear a helmet (based on that of his Classics toy) during the events of Stormbringer.

A cap-like helmet

  • Bulkhead wore a beret while indulging in his artistic tendencies. He was probably trying to be like human artists though.
Note: The significance of the principal two Transformers' heads really being helmets (in IDW continuity, at least) has not been expanded upon.


  • The magic of Christmas once made Optimus Prime dress up in a festive outfit. Obviously, the big guy is a little too open to suggestion. The same holds true for Grimlock, it seems.



Robot dancing!?

Sometimes, people on Earth wear clothing to look like various Transformers. Sometimes this is hot, sometimes this is sad.


Windcharger flash

Hey, cover up! There are children watching!


Me Grimlock say it fun to learn! (Because knowledge is power!)

  • The Space Mini-Con Team and Armada Sureshock have disguised themselves as humans using large, heavy jackets, coats, baseball caps, hats, sunglasses, and other items of clothing to try to blend in with other people in robot mode.
Heinrad timecop

And yet, somehow not as ludicrous as the other Time Cop.

  • Six-Speed's curiosity about human clothing led him to examine the closets of his human friends Bud and Coby. However, his attempt to dress like a human basically amounted to putting random articles of clothing on his limbs, looking more ridiculous than clothing-wearing Transformers normally do. Which is kinda amazing.

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