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The Transfer Interlink is a machine from the Generation One/Beast Wars continuity.

The Transfer Interlink is a device created by Apelinq with the power to convert digital programming into actual matter.


Apelinq developed the Transfer Interlink at some unknown point before Megatron took over Cybertron, and presumably used it against Vehicon drones prior to ending up on prehistoric Earth. The device was also how he developed a cure for Megatron's transformation freezing virus, which he did by duplicating the lower level energy bands of Rodimus Prime's Spark. Losing the device during his trip back through time after inoculating Primal Prime and a handful of his crew, Apelinq managed to reclaim it during a battle between Maximals Packrat and Onyx Primal and Predacons Fractyl and Vice Grip. Equipped with an artificial transwarp program that allowed travel using a temporal polestar, the Interlink enabled Apelinq to return to his own time. Apelinq's War Journals

Once there, he utilized it produce a laser cannon and hover board during battles against the Vehicons as he and the Wreckers made their way off Cybertron. Departure


Perhaps the most spectacular use of the Interlink was in creating CatSCAN, a Spark-less medic based on the template of one of Apelinq's former comrades. CatSCAN proved to be an aberration, as Apelinq was unable to return him to data form following his creation. Betrayal

Following the fusion of Primal Prime and Apelinq into Sentinel Maximus, the new Autobot warrior was able to use the Transfer Interlink to create weapons to aid him in battle against the likes of Dark Scorponok, Nemesis Prime, and Unicron. Balancing Act

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