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In the aftermath of the battle at the mine, Sari and her father's relationship takes a strange turn; the Autobots have their work cut out for them trying to contact Cybertron; and Megatron and Starscream find a new opportunity.

Japanese title (1st part): "The Secret Behind Sari'" (サリの秘密 Sari no Himitsu)
Japanese title (2nd part): "Sari, Transform!?" (サリ、トランスフォーム!?)
Japanese title (3rd part): "Megatron's Raid" (メガトロンの襲来 Megatron no Shōrai)


Part 1

TFA TransWarped Shockwave

Shockwave is totally faceless

An Autobot base under attack by Team Chaar. The base is being defended by the crew of Rodimus Prime. Cyclonus flies out from a cloud of smoke and knocks over Ironhide, Brawn and Hot Shot. Ironhide rises and sees Strika and Oil Slick coming over the horizon. Strika begins shooting and Ironhide activates his indestructible armor, shielding his team from the blast. Brawn picks up a boulder, hurling it at the oncoming Decepticons, which has no effect. Strika begins shooting at Hot Shot, who back flips away from the shots. At the same time, Hot Shot activates his arm torches, burning away the incoming fire. A random blast hits him though, sending him to the ground. He calls for Red Alert, who tells him that the damage is too severe to repair. She says she’ll have to amputate. However, before she can commence the procedure, she is sucked up by Spittor and then spat back out at Ironhide and Brawn. Rodimus Prime appears atop the Space Bridge and calls the Elite Guard for backup. Jazz tells Rodimus to try to hold out a little longer. Rodimus informs him that he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep Team Chaar from taking over the Space Bridge. At that moment, Longarm Prime appears on the Elite Guard’s viz screen, assuring Ultra Magnus that the Cybertron Space Bridge nexus is fully guarded and secure. Once Longarm ends the transmission, he transforms back into Shockwave. Back on the Autobot base, Rodimus shoots Strika and orders Ironhide and Brawn to fall back and defend the Space Bridge. But before they can reach the Space Bridge, they’re hit with an oil slick and slashed at by Cyclonus. Spittor lands behind Rodimus and tries to digest him, but Rodimus kicks and shoots Spittor’s tentacles. At the moment, Blackout lands behind Rodimus and hits him with a shockwave. An angry Strika warns Blackout that they need the Space Bridge operational. Blackout apologizes and reactivates the Space Bridge. Rodimus rises and tells the Decepticons they have to get past him, first. Oil Slick insults him and throws a vial of Cosmic rust on him. Strika uses the Space Bridge to contact Shockwave and request the access codes in order to transwarp to Cybertron. Shockwave denies her request, telling her that she and her team must wait for Megatron to first arrive on Cybertron. An angry Strika tells Shockwave he was supposed to be there megacycles ago.

Starscream mouthblast


The scene switches to deep space where Megatron and the Starscream head are floating. Megatron tells Starscream his failure has reached astronomical proportions. Starscream gets angry about this and activates his Sonic Scream, unlocking Megatron’s Stasis Cuffs. Suddenly, Omega Supreme appears behind them. Starscream, thinking Omega’s online, urges him not to fire at him. Megatron flies up to Omega’s face, discovering he’s offline.

Transwarped protosari 01

Let's hope this liquid metal isn't acidic

The scene switches to Earth, where Sari is angrily waiting for Issac Sumdac to explain her robotic parts. Issac explains that he doesn’t know where she came from and that in the past, after he touched a mysterious liquid-metal body, she appeared. We next see Sari and Issac riding to the top of Sumdac Tower. When they get there, they see that The Headmaster and Porter C. Powell are running Sumdac Systems. After The Headmaster insults Isaac, he fires him and Powell. When Powell insults Sari she gets angry, causing her hands to transform. She blows The Headmaster and Powell into the elevator. Sari then announces she’s going to stay with her "fellow machines". While at the Autobot base, Sari tells the Autobots she just can’t stay with Isaac. Optimus tells her it was possible Isaac found a liquid-metal body in his lab. Prowl asks if Optimus just said liquid-metal body and speeds off. He passes Bumblebee and Bulkhead, knocking them off balance. Bumblebee says it’s useless trying to contact Cybertron without Teletraan 1. And they don’t have Teletraan 1, because they don’t have a ship. Ratchet tells Bumblebee they didn’t lose just a ship, they lost a friend. The scene switches to one of Ratchet’s flashbacks. Ultra Magnus asks Ratchet if the intel-bot gave him any information. Ratchet informs Ultra Magnus that her name was Arcee. Ultra Magnus said he was aware of that. The two enter a room where Highbrow and Mainframe are waiting. Ultra Magnus urges Ratchet to try to revive her memory, by performing open processor surgery.

TFA Blurr Skywarp Cemented

Why do you always think of bringing me here in the first place

Blurr, Thundercracker, and Skywarp are somewhere in deep space. Skywarp keeps complaining about Mixmaster's cement. Blurr gets tired of the complaining and gives Skywarp a lecture about it. After Thundercracker uses sonic pulses to break the cement, he attempts to kill Blurr. He chases Blurr into space,with Blurr eventually ecsaping into space after kicking him in the face while running.

TFA Thundercracker Kicked in face

That's going to hurt in my superior morning!

We return to Earth, where The Headmaster is at the mines, looking for his Headmaster unit. He eventually finds it, declaring payback. After he discovers his unit, he finds the beat-up body of Starscream.

We return to deep space, where Megatron boards the offline Omega Supreme. He pulls out his swords, just before Omega Supreme springs to life. He grabs Megatron and rips off his arm blaster and takes his swords. Megatron then tricks Omega into thinking Megatron's his prisoner. Megatron tries to trick Omega into locating a Space Bridge and transwarping him to Cybertron. Omega agrees, and transwarps. But when they arrive at the destination, it is not Cybertron.

The scene switches back to Earth, where Bumblebee and Bulkhead are looking for Space Bridge parts at the mines. Bumblebee finds a Retrivial generator and asks if that's what they were looking for. Bulkhead says no and that they were looking for a Plasma Dynamic Thruster. Bumblebee finds it and Bulkhead tells him to put it aside. Bumblebee blows the dust off it and gets quite a surprise, after he blows off the dust, the Plasma Dynamic Thruster activates and Bumblebee transwarps. After Bumblebee transwarps, Bulkhead turns around, asking to see the Thruster. He realizes Bumblebee's gone, and hears the sound of jets over the hill. He looks over the hill and sees The Headmaster, now attached to Starscream. The Headmaster hits Bulkhead with a number of laser blasts, and covers him with rocks.

TFA Transforming Headmaster with Starscream Body

Another one bites the dust

Back at Sumdac Tower, Optimus tries to get Sari to talk to her father. Sari denies him, and Optimus gives Isaac Sumdac a call, telling him that he and Sari were going to the Burger Bot. When Sari and Optimus arrive, Sari gets angry that Optimus set her up. As Sari and Isaac argue, The Headmaster lands and tries to kill Sari and Issac.

Part 2

After a long battle, Optimus wins by calling Masterson a noob and urging him to transform, eventually crushing the headmaster unit. Surprisingly, Sari and Issac start talking again. Inside Sumdac Tower, Prowl explains to Sari and Issac that Sari is part cybertronian.

Meanwhile, back in space, Starscream and Megatron hotwire and take control of Omega Supreme. Just after that Omega Supreme is attacked by transforming asteroids, and the Decepticons transwarp out. As the Decepticons transwarp out, Bumblebee transwarps into the area. Unknowingly, Bumblebee is eaten by the biggest asteroid.

Blurr crush transwarped

"I can't catch you- but I can trap you."

The scene switches back to Shockwave. Surprising to Shockwave, the entire Space Bridge Nexus shuts down. He transforms into Longarm and contacts Cybertron Command and asks what's going on. Cliffjumper answers and tells Longarm the Space Bridge network has been shut down. Behind Longarm, an out-of-breath Blurr arrives. He tells Longarm he's found out The spy is the Decepticon Shockwave and not Wasp. A nervous Longarm asks if Blurr has shared the information, and Blurr says no. Then, Longarm tries to crush Blurr and shoot him. Blurr escapes into a tunnel, but Shockwave traps the agent and closes in the walls, seemingly crushing Blurr to death.

Wheeljack perceptor transwarped

...I'm sorry, what? I was trying to figure out what he was saying.

Back on Earth, Ratchet is mending Bulkhead. Sari runs in and accidentally blasts some of Ratchet's tools. Ratchet feels a little sad when Sari uses her key to mend Bulkhead and enters another one of his flashbacks. Ratchet is in the middle of Open Proccessor Surgery on Arcee. Suddenly Arcee connects to Ratchet, giving him the access codes. Highbrow tells Ultra Magnus and Ratchet to transform and roll out. They enter a room where Ratchet first sees the in-construction Omega Supreme. Highbrow, Ultra Magnus, and Ratchet board an elevated platform and meet two scientists, Perceptor and Wheeljack. Perceptor explains that Ratchet must lean in close to Omega Supreme and activate him, and Ratchet does so. In the Autobot base, Bulkhead explains that Bumblebee must've transwarped into space and that they can get him back with his retrievial generator. Since it's not working, Ratchet takes a look at the generator. While he does this, Sari uses her key to activate the generator. Outside, Bulkhead picks up a transwarp signal and brings Bumblebee back. Unfortunately, he's inside a giant asteroid monster. Said asteroid monster proceeds to destroy Detroit. The Autobots ditch Sari, who begins to sulk. Having a suden brainflash, she uses the Key to upgrade herself. Meanwhile, Megatron powers up Omega Supreme with Starscream's AllSpark fragment.

Tfa transwarped sari 01

Let's see if a certain guy crushes on her.

Sari, in Upgrade mode, attacks and easily defeats the hulking rock. She then frees Bumblebee and defeats the rock for good. Suddenly, the Key begins to act up and take control of Sari, making her go crazy and attack mindlessly. In the procees, she accidentally wounds Bumblebee. Badly.

Part 3

Ratchet, while trying to repair Bumblebee, gets into a flashback of Omega Supreme's 'death', when he puts Omega into a modified sleep mode.

The Autobots decide to stop Sari. Ratchet finds that Bumblebee is going offline. Meanwhile, Sari gets through every trap the Autobots set for her, but Prowl takes the Key from Sari. This has no effect whatsoever. Prowl gets the Key to Ratchet, only to find that it is not working. Ratchet manages to repair Bumblebee, but has to get to Sari to use his EMP generator, or she will explode. He makes it just in time, blasting Sari and saving Detroit.

Longarm arrives back at his office, after disposing of Blurr's remains. He is contacted by Megatron, who exchanges information with Shockwave. Megatron then contacts Team Chaar, who run away from the Elite Guard ship.

TFA Starscream Possessing Omega

Good old Starscream gets a new body

Isaac Sumdac arrives at the Autobot base to check on Sari, who "looks like a teenager now", in his words. The Autobots leave the base just in time to find a Megatron-controlled Omega Supreme arrive. Ratchet upgrades Bumblebee's stingers. Omega Supreme, with Prowl's help, regains control of his own body.

Optimus battles Megatron in the heart of Omega Supreme. Megatron easily overpowers Optimus, attacking Prowl. Optimus and Megatron recommence battling, but Starscream takes control of Omega Supreme. The Autobots use the Plasma-thingie to make Starscream just "warp around space randomly", as they so cleverly put it. The ploy works.

Back on Cybertron, Longarm Prime cons the Autobots into letting him 'view' all of the transmissions from Earth to Cybertron. Starscream transwarps onto Cybertron, but begins...erm...warping around space randomly?


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others


Megatron: Starscream, you incompetant malfunction! Your utter failure has reached astronomical proportions.
(Starscream in the meantime is only a floating head and is using his teeth to open Megatron's stasis cuffs.)
Starscream: Maybe I'd have better luck removing these stasis cuffs if you had bothered to reattach my head to my body! And maybe we wouldn't be floating helplessly out here in space if you hadn't overloaded a space bridge! Are you sensing a pattern here?! THIS... IS... ALL... YOUR... FAAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUULT!!!!! (Energy blast comes out of Starscreams mouth, breaking Stasis cuffs on Megatron) Whoa. Where did that come from?!

—One of Megatron and Starscream's little conversations.

Stascream: Omega Supreme... We're slagged! Wait, don't shoot! He's the one you want!
Megatron: Silence, fool!

Omega Supreme appears; Starscream attempts to save his own hide.

Headmaster: Attention, Burger Bot diners: "Cleanup was so sappy it makes me want to hurl" moment in the parking lot! Snack time's over, n00bs! Prepare for TOT: Total Ownage Time! (to Optimus) Back off, Lumberjack! This is between me and the happy little Sumdac family!
Sari: (angrily) "Happy family"?! Boy, did he get the wrong Sumdac!

Headmaster attacks Burger Bot where Optimus Prime, Profesor Sumdac and Sari are, while he is controlling Starscream's body.

Headmaster: Oh man! How do you roll over with these wings?!

—Press Z or R twice?

Masterson/Headmaster: (As Starscream's body is transforming and crushing the Headmaster unit) So, I guess the bot whose body I jacked... his head is a lot smaller?

—Masterson finally admits that he has a big head.

Longarm Prime: Agent Blurr! What are you doing back on Cybertron?
Blurr: (pants) While stationed on Earth, I intercepted a transmission between Megatron and his double agent on Cybertron who I can now positively identify as the Decepticon Shockwave. FURTHER analysis, review that Shockwave's voice did not match up with that of the suspected traitor Wasp, HOWEVER, a detailed cross reference of the Cybertron Intel database should determine the identity of the real traitor!
Longarm Prime: Have you shared this information with anyone else?
Blurr: I have not! To prepare your orders!
Longarm Prime:: Good...
(Attempts to slam a servo on Blurr)
Blurr: Ah! AH! Do you normally make it a habit to attack your own 'bots, sir? I mean, (Longarm transforms into Shockwave's alt mode and shoots at Blurr) it seems a little extreme, perhaps even Decepticon-like behaviour if you don't mind my saying so. In fact, if I didn't know better, I would first comprehend at this point that you're trying to eliminate me for some unknown reason!
(Blurr races off into some tunnels. Shockwave transforms)
Shockwave: I know I can't catch you. But I can trap you.

—Did ya get all that?

Omega Supreme: (To Ratchet as he comes online) I am Omega Supreme. I am yours to command. I am your pupil, your dependent, your obedient servant.
Ratchet: I am Ratchet. I am...your friend.

— Ratchet and Omega Supreme introduce themselves.

Ratchet: We don't need no stinkin' key!

— Ratchet, proud voice of the fandom.

Prowl: You go, I'll stay here with Bumblebee.
Ratchet: Try to keep him quiet.
Prowl: do realize... this is Bumblebee?

Ratchet asks the impossible.

Optimus Prime: We need to lead him outside the city before someone gets hurt.
Bumblebee: Someone like us maybe?!

Bumblebee desperately wanting to stay online as a Megatron controlled Omega Supreme attacks them.

Megatron: It appears you and I are destined to battle on this ship once more, Autobot.
Optimus Prime: Bring it on, Decepticon.

—One shall stand, one shall fall... and ooh that last part rhymes.

Ultra Magnus: Also, try to contact Optimus Prime's team on Earth. It's been deca-cycles since we've heard from them.
Longarm Prime/Shockwave: All communications with Optimus Prime's crew should be filtered through me first! No exceptions!
Autobots stare at Longarm Prime.
Longarm Prime/Shockwave: (smirking)'s sake, of course. And for the sake of all Cybertron!

—Shockwave tricks the Autobots into stopping Optimus Prime from revealing his big secret...

Ratchet: Not so fast, Decepti-clown!

—Worst. Decepticon pun. EVER!

Starscream: Come on, TransWarp already, you overgrown death machine!
Megatron: What's this? The great Starscream can't even hot-wire a giant Autobot?

—Starscream points out the very obvious, while Megatron takes the opportunity to repay Starscream's old debts.

Optimus Prime: I really have to learn how to fly some day.

Optimus has a vision of things to come.


  • In the Japanese version, it was aired from the twenty-ninth to thirty-first episodes.

Animation errors

  • When Ironhide and Brawn are tied up, Brawn is in his vehicle mode.
  • When Ratchet's flashback of Omega's construction is finished, Sari's shirt sleeve is inexplicably repaired. Maybe she used her key to fix herself.
  • Starscream's body is completely repaired when the commercial break ends and the screen shows the fight at the Burger Bot.
  • When Sari and Isaac are driving back to Sumdac Tower, Optimus' steering wheel is mounted at an odd angle.
  • When Optimus Prime tells Bulkhead that Bumblebee is in the Rock Lord, Optimus' voice is played instead of Bulkhead's.
  • When Ratchet has a look at the homing beacon generator, Sari goes to activate it with her Key. That's all very well and pleasant, but the lanyard the Key is hanging from goes right through Sari's neck. To make matters worse, when Bulkhead takes the generator back, the key is shown hanging from Sari's neck again.

Continuity errors

  • In Autoboot Camp, Longarm is depicted as being a little taller than Bumblebee. In A Bridge Too Close, Part I, Blurr is also showed as being slightly taller than Bumblebee. So, in theory, Blurr and Longarm should be the same height, but Longarm is shown towering over Blurr in this episode. (Then again, he DOES have extendable limbs.)
  • When Sumdac brings out Sari a tray at the Burger Bot, there are two hamburgers and a shake on it (Sari drinks this). However, when the stuff on the tray blows off, only the empty shake cup is seen.
  • When Sari uses the key to give herself the upgrade, the cord it was on clearly dissolves in the release of AllSpark Energy. Later on when Prowl takes the key out of Sari's chest, the cord is back again.
  • In the flashback, when Sumdac touches Sari's protoform, the resulting shock causes his white strand of hair to apear. However in Transform and Roll Out part 1, he can clearly be seen to have a gray strand as a child.
  • Megatron mentions that he can't break through the door without his weapons. Why didn't he just pick them up? In fact both his sword and fusion cannon aren't seen or mentioned after he dropped them...
  • If Omega Supreme's core programming is so simple, why can't the Autobots simply rewrite it?
  • Optimus Prime and Prowl are able to break into Omega Supreme's body, disable his internal self-defense mechanisms, and reach his spark chamber in less than 20 seconds. One wonders how Omega was so devastating during the Great War.

Transformers references

TFA Omega Supreme Megatron Face

I was once small.

  • This marks the first episode(s) where the planet Cybertron (on the surface) is actually shown.
  • The background music playing while Longarm Prime drives up the ramp on Cybertron's surface sounds very similar to the music playing while Kranix's homeworld Lithone is being shown in "The Transformers: The Movie".
  • Oil Slick used the Cosmic Rust against Rodimus Prime.
  • The astroid monster resembles the Terrorcon and Abominus. In fact, when Sari breaks apart the monster, it splits into a bunch of smaller monsters that are quickly destroyed.

Real-world references

  • The Asteroid Monster whom Sari battled bears a resemblence to the GoBots spinoff product, Rock Lords; the one Sari fought, however, was a lot cooler.
  • Omega Supreme's transwarp drive appears to operate based on the same principles as the FTL Drives on the reimagined Battlestar Galactica.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • The asteroid base that Team Chaar attacks apparently has more gravity than the Earth's Moon in A Fistful of Energon despite being smaller than the Moon.
  • This is not first the Headmaster unit changed his facial expression. But unlike the previous episode, it was changed more.
  • Ultra Magnus is still in his Earth mode. You can tell because he looks quite different in the flashbacks. It would seem so are Jazz and Sentinel.
  • The background music that is heard when Blur is running atop the asteroids towards Cybertron is slightly similar to one (of the many) theme songs of another Blue Blur.
  • Rodimus loses his leg. However, when he's surrounded by Team Charr and changes sitting position to take scope, his leg is reattached. Maybe Red Alert was joking and works fast? Or not.
  • And that's not even going into the impossibilities of the cosmic rust that Oil Slick threw spreading as though it were in air...
    • ...Or the fact that Rodimus was throwing fire on that asteroid which is in space, unless there is a fuel tank mounted within his weapon or a somehow oxegenated asteroid.
  • The Base that Shockwave enters to "deposit" Blurr's remains looks strikingly similar to one particular City-bot. Hmmmm....
  • When Ratchet goes to put Omega Supreme into a modifed stasis, one of the dead bodies resembles Warpath.
  • When Starscream opens his mouth and shots Megatron's cuffs, you can see his jaw inside.
Also, during this shot (no pun intended) and the part when Starscream attempted to blast the door to escape out of Omega Supreme, a handle-like protrusion pops out the back of his head.
  • Optimus, apparently, sucks at being subtle.
  • Omega Supreme is easily influenced. That's kind of scary when you think about it.
  • Apparently, The reason Bumblebee's stingers suck at what they do was because they weren't set for warfare. When they are set, they can even harm and leave burn marks on Omega Supreme, something others weren't capable of doing. WHAT THE HELL?
  • Sari's eyes turn from muted red to Autobot blue after she upgrades herself.
  • It is still unrevealed what kind of protoform Sari was, be it Autobot or Decepticon, or if there is even a difference at all.
  • This episode is notable for paying explicit attention to show accuracy and scale. The instant being where Henry Masterson attempts to initiate the transformation sequence on Starscream's body, only to find the Headmaster unit is much bigger than Starscream's head would've been and so, is unable to transform.
  • According to Voice Director Sue Blu, In the original script, Sentinel Prime actually had a lot more lines. Due to time, however, most of those lines were cut out, with the exception of the one at the end of the third episode.
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