Trans-Organics are something from the Generation One continuity family.

The monster mash!

The Trans-Organics were the first creation of the Quintessons, predating even the Transformers themselves. Large by even Transformers standards, the beasts were deemed ill-fit for even the most simple of tasks. Too violent, uncontrollable, the beasts seem only fit one thing and one thing only: destruction.

Most of the Trans-Organics were destroyed in the distant past but those that could not be destroyed were left in a Hibernation Chamber deep within Cybertron.


The Transformers cartoon

Seven Trans-Organics were unearthed by Galvatron and his forces in a Quintesson trap. They are: A gorilla like beast with green tendrils for arms (vaguely resembling the D&D demon prince Demogorgon), a largely metal white snake, an almost completely metallized bird, a brown ankylosauric creature, a half-robotic bear, and a frog-like creature with a bear trap on its back and a camera for an eye.

The seventh was far larger still, the vampiric energy sucking worm known as the Dweller. Dweller in the Depths

It simply destroyed the others.

IDW comics continuity

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