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In a plot to obtain a Cybertronian weather-controlling device, the Decepticons stage a fake race across Europe.

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Original airdate: ???

Written by: David Wise

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  • According to writer David Wise[1], the title of this episode was directly taken from a Kraftwerk album of the same name.

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  • Symultech Industries, the company that custom-built Auggie Cahnay's car, would later be mentioned in Hirofumi Ichikawa's Binaltech story. According to Dead End's system description, Symultech was responsible for building the body that was originally intended for Sunstreaker, but ended up getting hijacked by the Decepticons to create BT Dead End.
  • Auggie Cahnay was mentioned in the American dub of the Robots in Disguise episode Skid-Z's Choice. There, he was stated as having deceased, and Skid-Z was seemingly possessed by his spirit. Likewise, that episode eatured a race called the Europa 400, supposedly named after the Europa 2000 from this episode.


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