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No loud music in *this* mall.

Tranquility Mall is a human-run center of business in the video game portion of the Movie continuity family.

Tranquility Mall is a shopping center in the eastern area of the city of Tranquility. Some of its signs identify it as "The Mall", suggesting it is the only such shopping center in Tranquility.

Featured businesses

Awesome Purchase


It's kind of like a CJNickels.

Occupying a large, separate building on the lot, this is presumably a retail store that sells only things which are awesome. Best Buy may want to call their lawyers.

Ron's Movie 12


Now with butter-flavored topping.

Also separate, and currently showing Mellon Goes to NY, X-Treme B-Movie, Wednesday With Coco, and Smooth Timber. G-Rated cinema, this is not.

Issam's Games And More!

Where you can buy..... games and more!

Greg O Racing Academy


There is no other like it!



The Metroplex.

  • In the console version of the game, the Tranquility mall is known as "Metroplex". It is very big and easy to be destroyed. You can also park and climb inside of it. If you can pick the card shop, you can throw it in the sky.


  • It is very partial to the Wall-Mart and the Best Buy, for being very great. The enter is very like of the enter of the Wall-Mart, to have the card in the parking lot.
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