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Tranquility location

Tranquility, CA NV: Home to giant robots and really cool explosions.

Tranquility is a city possibly located in California (see Trivia) in the United States of America.

Sam Witwicky lives there.

The Glu Transformers mobile game shows Tranquility's map location in northern California ~500 miles from Hoover Dam.


Transformers film

Though never explicitly named, Tranquility is where the Witwickys and Mikaela Banes live. However, in Revenge of the Fallen, when Sam's driver's license is shown on television, it shows his residence as Los Angeles, California (Continuity Error Alert!!!). After receiving Bumblebee's call for assistance, the Autobots make a (semi)successful planetfall in Tranquility. Only Optimus Prime manages to land in an uninhabited area. But Ironhide makes a spectacular landing in someone's swimming pool.

Transformers: The Game

Tranquility possesses a massive police force which tends to shoot first and not bother asking questions when it comes to giant robots. They are also firmly in the pocket of Sector Seven. Barricade takes advantage of their mentality by disguising himself as one of their number. Interestingly, the cops seem to consider the Autobots a bigger threat than the Decepticons. This is especially confusing when one considers all the damage Barricade, Shockwave, and the Decepticon drones did to the city.

Transformers: Autobots/Decepticons

See above, but more cops and less Shockwave.

Transformers: Autobots

Quite a few missions take place in Tranquility, mostly involving Create-A-Bot in some way or another.

In Protect the Locals, Create-A-Bot must destroy a Decepticon drone in a minute (like that's hard or something). Then, he must transform and hide from the police in vehicle mode. Finally, he must destroy two Decepticon drones without destroying anything else. (Now that's hard.)

In Car Shopping, Create-A-Bot has to meet up with Bumblebee, who tells Create-A-Bot to go scan some vehicles in order to maintain cover. The last vehicle, a black-ish SUV, is actually a Decepticon drone, which you must defeat.

In Information Super Highway, Create-A-Bot (again) has to find and scan three different Internet towers in order to retrieve information about a pair of glasses which belong to an unnamed person.

In Police Brutality, Bumblebee (for once...lazy) must find the location of the glasses. But Barricade is already there. Bumblebee must chase him down and destroy him.

Later on, after going to the Arctic, the Autobots head back to Tranquility and have some more fun.

In Happy Landings (haha), Bumblebee must destroy twelve S7 turrets in three different locations: four at the docks, four around the courthouse, and four atop buildings downtown.

In Know Thy Enemy, Jazz must find and bring back the Sector Seven SUV, buggy, and chopper. But...Blackout is the chopper! Jazz then has to defeat Blackout, who flies away, humiliated.

In Driven to Distraction, Bumblebee must distract destroy Sector Seven vehicles at three different locations in Tranquility. At the end, Create-A-Bot accidentally leads S7 vehicles to Bumblebee, who is taken by them. Do I detect a hint of irony?

But wait...there's more! After going to Hoover Dam, the Autobots return yet again to Tranquility and have even more fun. (I would be bored of this by now.)

In Narrow Escape, Bumblebee has extremely limited time to escape from Blackout while evading S7 forces and exploding Notchbacks. (Here's a hint: just shoot the Notchbacks so they don't get in your way.)

In Downtown Blackout, Ratchet must destroy Blackout without falling off the roof they are fighting on. (Note: this is the only mission Ratchet is playable in.)

In Fire Fighting, Create-A-Bot must find Ironhide, help him destroy attacking Decepticons for three minutes, then find Jazz, help him destroy 50 Allspark Drones, then find Bumblebee, and protect him from Decepticons while following him to Optimus Prime.

In End Game (which is obviously the End of the Game), Create-A-Bot must aid Optimus Prime by knocking the Allspark out of Megatron. (Hint: Hit Megatron in the back to do this! It takes four tries.) Then, Optimus Prime must kill off Megatron for good. Create-A-Bot dies (finally!), and everyone lives happily ever after. The end. You can go home now.

...No, seriously. Keep reading. There's more.

Transformers: Decepticons

Again, many missions take place in Tranquility, mostly starring the evil version of that other guy.

In Beware the Locals, Create-A-Bot must destroy a car, then destroy three police cars on Barricade's command.

In Robots in Disguise, Create-A-Bot must go to three different locations and either scan or destroy (or both) different cars at each location in order to flush out an Autobot. The Autobot appears at the last location.

In The Diversion, Create-A-Bot must help Barricade by distracting Tranquility's police force so Barricade can locate Bumblebee. He must raise his threat level to three, then neutralize the police force.

In Stings Like a Bee, Barricade must defeat Bumblebee. (Pretty simple, eh?)

After journeying to Qatar, the Decepticons head back to Tranquility to do some more stuff.

In Torching the Welcome Wagon, Create-A-Bot must destroy twelve S7 turrets: four in the docks, four around the courthouse, and four atop buildings downtown.

In Codebreaker, Brawl must defend several generators for an unspecified amount of time by placing turrets near the generators. (Remember: if there are four or less generators, then you lose. Sucker.)

In Reinforcements, Create-A-Bot must destroy three different Autobot Protoforms in three different locations while under attack by Sector Seven. He must then chase down and defeat Bumblebee.

But...there's still more! After going to Hoover Dam, the Decepticons go back to Tranquility. (Can you see something happenning here? 'Cause I can't.)

In Street Brawl, Brawl must kill off Ironhide. Sound simple? It's not at all. Trust me.

In Starscream's Betrayal Starscream must chase down and defeat Bumblebee for good, and then defeat a super-powered Barricade.

In Sibling Rivalry, Create-A-Bot must defeat 25 Allspark Drones, then follow Starscream, then defeat 25 more Allspark Drones, then follow Starscream, then defeat 5 Autobots. Then Megatron must defeat Optimus Prime. But...he is not the last boss!!! (Shock...horror!) The last boss happens in a place called Casino Strip.

Related characters

Overzealous cop

This overzealous police officer interrogated Sam Witwicky after he was arrested, claiming that his car was alive. The cop was convinced that Sam was a junkie, as he was found with pills in his possession, prescribed for Mojo. Ron Witwicky explained that the pills were for their dog, but the cop was still unconvinced, and when he caught Sam eyeing his piece, he threatened to "bring it". Sam asked if the cop himself was on drugs.

Despite having a mustache, it is currently presumed that this individual was an actual flesh and blood human, and not a Decepticon hologram.

Locations in Tranquility



It's uncertain in which state Tranquility is actually supposed to be located. An earlier version of the movie's script identified the city as "Tranquility, Nevada", but neither the city nor its state are actually identified by name in the movie itself.

The only official media to explicitly identify the state are Issue 4 of IDW's Movie Prequel mini-series and the Top Trumps Transformers Book. Meanwhile, issue 1 of IDW's Movie Adaptation simply identifies it as "Tranquility, U.S.A.", and Transformers: Beginnings, an "animated" version of the Movie Prequel comic available on a Wal-Mart exclusive bonus DVD explicitly has the name "Nevada" removed from a caption near the end.

This appears to imply that the writers, while originally intending to have Tranquility located in Nevada, later decided to remove all references to the state, either because Bumblebee somehow manages to drive Sam and Mikaela from there to Griffith Observatory (which is located in Los Angeles), or in an attempt to make its location more ambiguous, similar to the Simpsons' Springfield. In the second film, Sam's driver's license lists his city of residence as Los Angeles, which may be a retcon.


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