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The name or term Tracer refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Tracer (disambiguation).

Tracer is an Autobot Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family

Community service is a strange way to end up in the middle of an alien war; nonetheless, that's what happened to Tracer. Serving time in prison for a crime from his youth that he has regretted ever since, Tracer volunteered to become an Autobot Targetmaster in hopes of helping defend his world, doing good deeds and someday, maybe, earning an official pardon.

The connection between Holepunch and Tracer in their combined mode is less than perfect, sometimes misaligning and causing the pair to jam when fired.


Marvel Comics continuity

Scoop wielded Holepunch and Tracer in "double weapon" mode during a series of fuel raids on Cybertron alongside the recently revived Pretenders Grimlock, Jazz and Bumblebee. When Galvatron, Hook, Line, and Sinker attacked some time later, Flintlock, Silencer and the other Nebulan "double" Targetmasters appeared absent.


Generation One

  • Scoop with Holepunch and Tracer (Targetmaster, 1988)
G1 Scoop toy

Also known as "Inker"

Tracer, like all the "double" Targetmaster Nebulans, is one of the smallest and least complicated Transformers. Fold the barrel away, and stand him up. He can also combine with Holepunch to form a rifle. He was released with the Autobot Scoop in 1988. No version of this character or mold was released in Japan.

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