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Tracer is a Decepticon Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
G1Tracer MTMTE

I'll trace a chalk line around your dead ****ing body!

Tracer is an integral part of the Military Patrol, swooping ahead of his teammates to scout out the opposition, and soften them up. He actually respects team leader Bombshock (and not just out of fear!), but still thinks he should lead the unit. Thus, he may be the only ambitious Decepticon who tries to get his superior promoted, rather than "unexpectedly dead".[1]


IDW comics continuity

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Tracer was one of the legions of Dead Universe Micromasters who pursued Hardhead and Nightbeat on Gorlam Prime. Spotlight: Hardhead


Generation One

  • Military Patrol (1990)
G1 Tracer toy

Your MOTHER'S a tracer!

Tracer transforms into a black AH-64 Apache attack helicopter, with spinning rotors that tend to fall off. While he has wheels either side, below his wings, he doesn't have a wheel on the tail. Not only that, the tail doesn't actually clip onto the main helicopter body, so it can flop around. His robot mode has strange lower body arrangement where the end of the helicopter tail sets between his thighs.
He is identical to the Autobot Tracer from the Return of Convoy line.


  1. More Than Meets The Eye #7

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