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Tough Luck Chuck is a next-generation crash test dummy built with Cybertronian technology. He plays the role of the victim in the Rescue Bot's simulated rescues and can dispense both helpful advice and reports on how the rescue is going. He takes a lot of abuse, mainly at the hands of Hot Shot, but he's easier to put back together than a human.


Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy 

"Recruits Part I"

The recruits were introduced to Tough Luck Chuck by Heatwave during their orientation. Chuck played the part of a human trapped in a burning building, however the rescue went terribly wrong when Hot Shot used water on a grease fire, and Chuck parachuted to the ground as the simulation ended. 

"Recruits Part II"

During an obstacle course, Chuck posed as an obstacle by slowly traversing a crosswalk and even pausing to tie a shoelace, even though as Hot Shot pointed out, he didn't wear shoes. 

"If at First..."

Chuck served as a stand in for Mrs. Rubio during a simulated rerun of an earlier rescue, so that the recruits could test new equipment constructed by Hoist. The rescue was a failure, though Chuck at least made it through unscathed this time.

"Tough Luck Chuck" 

During another simulation, Chuck was run down by Hot Shot, resulting in damage that required new components to fix. Hot Shot was assigned to look after Chuck, but the robot managed to escape and wandered around the base until he was found by Hoist and Wedge. He got away from them as well, wandering through a Ground Bridge portal to Milford, where a search party later found him in a supermarket parking lot. He was returned to the Rescue Bot Training Center where Medix installed the fresh components Boulder had constructed. 

"Plan Bee"

Chuck played a farmer in a farm rescue simulation Boulder set up to help teach the recruits the importance of every part of nature.

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