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Tote is an Autobot Micromaster in the Generation One continuity family.
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Always fashionable on a lady-bot's arm.

Tote of the Off Road Patrol is quick to adapt to change, which often means picking up the pieces after Highjump or Mudslinger has messed things up. His last name is not "Bag". Nor "Ankhamun".[1]


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Marvel Comics continuity

Generation One

Tote was sent to Earth in answer to Optimus Prime's request for reinforcements, along with the rest of the Off Road Patrol and the Race Car Patrol. Assigned to investigate creature sightings and unusual storm activity, they inevitably ran into Scorponok's Decepticons. When the patrol battled Skullgrin, Powertrain used his exhaust to blind their opponent, allowing Tote and Highjump to use a cable to trip him up. King Con

Tote was seen freeing the Dinobots from imprisonment on Hydrus Four, as the Autobots stormed the medical facility which had been commandeered by Bludgeon and his Decepticons. Another Time and Place

Dreamwave comics continuity

Tote was one of several Autobot and Decepticon Micromasters seen lounging about in "Little Iacon". The Gray Race


Generation One

  • Off Road Patrol (1989)
Tote transforms into a red minivan of undetermined model, not unlike Ironhide. He was only available in a four-pack with his teammates Highjump, Mudslinger and Powertrain.


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