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Torque Gain is a Decepticon-allied Mini-Con from the Generation One/Beast Wars continuity family.
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Torque Gain (トルクゲイン) is, well, somebody.


Generation One

  • Torque Gain (Mini-Con, 2007)
A redeco of the Classics Mini-Con Divebomb, Torque Gain transforms into a four-bladed assault helicopter pretty damn close to an AH-64 Apache helicopter
Torque Gain is an exclusive to Jusco stores, who was available only on July 19th, 2007, with the purchase of Voyager-class Starscream or Leader-class Megatron from the movie line.
This mold was also used to make Universe Cloudraker.


  • Torque Gain's instructions—as well as those of his contemporary exclusives Dragoyell, Noise Effect and Wedge Shape—uses the "classic" Japanese Transformers logo, ostensibly placing him within the Generation One continuity family. However, Dragoyell and Wedge Shape use Maximal and Predacon sigils as well. It would appear then that he is from a "transitional" period from Generation One to the Beast Era—though chances are, TakaraTomy didn't put even that much thought into it. Toys is toys.
  • Torque Gain's coloration appears to be a reversal of the base-mold Divebomb's colors; the dark-blue and light blue-gray plastics switch, as do the red and yellow painted sections.
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