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Facing off against Decepticons isn't nearly enough of a challenge for Topspin. He'd rather pit himself against Nature itself. No mountain is tall enough, no river treacherous enough to give him pause. Alone against rough terrain, be it on land or in the sea, is where this Wrecker's fuel pump really gets going. Though he loves the challenge he's not fixated on conquering new terrain, he simply enjoys pitting himself against it. As he says, "The thrill is in the journey."

As a Jumpstarter, Topspin can transform between modes in a fraction of an instant, significantly faster than most Transformers.

French name (Canada): Virevolteur


Marvel Comics

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Topspin was a member of the elite Autobot force the Wreckers. Topspin played a bit-part in Operation Volcano. Target: 2006 After delivering a few pointless lines to establish his personality, he achieved very little Resurrection Meltdown Wrecking Havoc until he suffered from a bad case of death by Megatron in the Time Wars, being the first of many casualties inflicted upon the hopelessly out matched Wreckers and Mayhems. Topspin wasn't seen again... at least, with his head attached. Time Wars

Note: In the first UK Annual, the Jumpstarters were depicted on Earth operating with Prowl and the Ark's crew. This does not fit into their history as Wreckers on Cybertron, and must be considered out of continuity from the rest of the UK stories.

Marvel UK future timelines

In the year 2510, Topspin witnessed the end of the old war and the start of a new one. With the last Decepticon destroyed, the Autobots began arguing among themselves as to whether Springer or Ultra Magnus should be Rodimus Prime's chosen successor. A scuffle broke out and casualties happened on both sides, leading to a new Autobot Civil War between the Technobots and the Wreckers, with Rodimus sitting in the middle of the war zone bawling like a baby. Peace

Dreamwave comics continuity

In the Dark Ages, Topspin split off from the Autobots with his fellow Wreckers to act as an independent faction. Under Springer's command, they frequently clashed with Ratbat's Ultracons for territorial control, especially in the manufacturing area known as the Tagan Heights. The War Within: The Dark Ages

In the modern era, Topspin continued serving with the Wreckers in the new Unified Cybertronian forces. The Wreckers now operated under Ultra Magnus as his personal guard. Brothers' Burden When the Stunticons were unleashed on Cybertron as Menasor, the Wreckers took arms to bring him down. After Twin Twist drilled the combiner in the foot and brought him down to ground level, Topspin shot Menasor right in the face with his electro-blasters. Passive Aggression The Jumpstarters remained in Magnus's command after Shockwave's deposing. The Route of All Evil

IDW comics continuity


Topspin is the one on the right with the distractingly Photoshopped-in Autobot insignia.

Topspin fired heavy artillery at the Decepticon siege mode armature on Varas Centralus. Stormbringer issue 2 He medically treated Nosecone on Cybertron after the Wreckers rescued him and Afterburner from Centurion droids. He then voiced the Wreckers' PR campaign to the Technobots. ("Leave it to the professionals".). Stormbringer issue 3

He also led the hit and run against Thunderwing. He is a true Robot of All Trades. Stormbringer issue 4

Topspin continued on with the Wreckers for some time, outlasting many compatriots. Topspin helped free captive Autobots from a Decepticon cruiser during one of Kup's first missions. Later he was involved in the rescue of Hot Rod from Bludgeon's crew. He decided to sit out the time on Cybertron when the Wreckers were hunted by the swarm (maybe he's cyberarachnophobic or just got frame shy) but returned dramatically for the Garrus 9 liberation. Topspin ended up with Perceptor's team on planet and finally told of his connection with Twintwist and revealed his goal in joining to Wreckers being to protect his brother (and thus himself). Of course, killing his brother and himself is apparently just as good, at least when a razor covered endoscope is about to be involved.


Generation One

  • Topspin (Jumpstarter, 1985)
Topspin transforms into a Cybertronic air-skiff. He features a pull-back motor in vehicle mode that propels him forward on smooth surfaces; after a short run the latch that keeps his spring-loaded legs releases, causing him to flip forward and into upright robot mode.
This mold was used to make Salt-Man X and Robot-Man X.



I have to talk to my agent.

  • The portraits of Topspin and Twin Twist on their box-back tech-specs were originally reversed, causing some children a bit of confusion. This was eventually fixed.
  • Early versions of Topspin contain the letters "D.A.R." on the wings. There are a holdover from the original pre-Transformers Diaclone release, where the Jumpstarters were called "Diaclone Attack Robo".
  • Cartoon character sheets were created for both Topspin and Twin Twist back in the '80s, but they were never animated, not even in a commercial.

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