Top Gear is a Unicron-allied Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Top Gear is one of Unicron's many hunters. He is a seemingly emotionless, pitiless and above all relentless being, who will track a target down no matter what. But he's also smart enough to know when to back off and count his losses. He may or may not be the leader of the Speed Chaser Mini-Con Team; he and Midship seem to both pull rank.


Armada animated continuity


Micron Legend

  • Top Gear (DVD pack-in, 2003)
Top Gear is a redeco of the Armada Mirage mold, transforming into a Formula-1-style race car. He can also form the front end of the Speed Chaser Mini-Con Team's combined Magnawing mode. He was only available with Volume 2 of the Micron Legend (the Japanese name for Armada) DVD series in Japan.
This mold was based on the mold used to make Armada Swindle and Zapmaster.


  • According to "Linkage" author Hirofumi Ichikawa, Top Gear was not part of the crew of the Exodus; he is a newly-created Mini-Con sent to Earth by Unicron.
  • Top Gear is not related to The Stig in any way.

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