Top-Heavy is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.
Top-Heavy MTMTE

Old iron buns.

Top-Heavy is the realist of the pair he makes up with Skyfall, though others would call him the "nagger" of the two. Skyfall's daydreamy behavior annoys the "down-to-earth" Top-Heavy greatly.

Note: The Action Master partner robots were given the "Targetmaster" classification retroactively by Dreamwave's More Than Meets The Eye profile series.


Generation One

  • Skyfall with Top-Heavy (Action Master, 1990)
G1Skyfall toy

"I used to be called Topgun."

Top-Heavy is a robotic rhinoceros. Pushing down on his tail flips his head and a chunk of his inner body around via a spring-loaded mechanism, revealing a (non-firing) blaster. Folding his legs up forms his triple-barreled "electro-pulse machine gun" mode, which can be used by any regular Action Master figure. His gun barrel can be extended by attaching the handgun from any carded Action Master.

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