Toonami is a programming block on Cartoon Network that specializes in action cartoons. Beginning life in 1997, Toonami has infrequently premiered numerous Transformers animated series ever since. Initially hosted by Moltar of Space Ghost fame, the block has been hosted by TOM (voiced by Steve Blum) since 1999, with Peter Cullen (referred to by TOM as "The Big Guy") narrating commercials and other promotions. One of Toonami's most popular attributes is its original opening sequences, crafted from clips and soundbytes of their respective shows and set to funky techno (and later dubstep-esque) beats. Cartoon Network made a grave mistake when they ended it's life in 2008. TOM's last words before leaving were: "Until we meet again, Stay gold...Bang." It was a reference to Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, whose character gave co-creators Jason DeMarco and Sean Akins the idea to have Blum replace Sonny Strait as TOM's voice. Seriously, it went all downhill after Dragon Ball Z ended and Naruto came in. Curse you, Stuart Snyder.

Even though Cartoon Network's late-night counterpart, Adult Swim, has since revived the block after an April Fool's stunt in 2012, any Transformers-related media will most likely never air on the block again since Toonami aims towards an older audience now, as well as Hasbro owning their own network to stream their shows on. However, a fan-based channel called Toonami Aftermath airs two consecutive episodes of Beast Wars and Generation 1 each, on weekend mornings. On a side note, Youtuber Jon3pnt0, a well-known impressionist of Peter Cullen's take on Optimus Prime, was asked recently about joining the Toonami staff as a successor to Cullen. However, he replied in saying he would like permission from Cullen himself before considering taking over such a role.

Transformers series

Beast Wars

Beast Wars was Toonami's first Transformers series, replacing The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest for a special week of premieres in 1998.

Promo: Moltar introduces Beast Wars as Rattrap sends Jonny Quest to a gruesome fate.


Toonami wouldn't see any Transformers action again until 2002, when it premiered Transformers Armada. The programming block having now moved to Saturday nights from its original weekday afternoon format, Toonami issued one new episode a week (save the premiere Saturday, in which the first three episodes were aired together as a "movie").

The Unicron Trilogy would be plagued by Cartoon Network's rather indecipherable scheduling logic, oftentimes being moved off of the block and back onto it without any warning, making following the series a chore at best.

Promo: Original teaser trailer for the Armada premiere, narrated by Cullen. This promo happens to be far more exciting than the actual series.


The next series to premiere on Toonami would be Transformers Energon in 2004.


Transformers Cybertron would be Toonami's fourth Transformers series, premiering in 2005. As a tie-in during the opening week of the live-action Transformers film, Toonami dedicated an entire night to a Cybertron marathon.

Fan Outrage

Ever since The Hub took over the Transformers franchise, fans have not liked it. Now with Toonami back in action, fans are rioting on the streets, asking Hasbro to shut down The Hub so that Transformers can run on Toonami once again. Even if that does happen, Toonami is on Adult Swim so even if it came back to Cartoon Network, it would probably be placed on Saturday mornings. So then the fans would riot again, asking for Cartoon Network to put Toonami on Cartoon Network again and eventually it would happen and then Beast Hunters would premiere on Toonami, like Transformers Prime season 2 should have this year.

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