Tommy Kennedy is a character introduced in season 5 of The Transformers. Beyond the year 2006, Tommy Kennedy has a lot of school assignments to write. Amazingly, all his school assignments are about the Transformers, so he gets to sit in hellish wastelands with Powermaster Optimus Prime and ask him questions about their past adventures. After not too long, Prime must always hastily leave for some random off-the-cuff excuse, like helping Joyride fix the Space Bridge or to give Grimlock a brain upgrade. Tommy is not lonely in the barren, scorched-earth dust bowl full of wreckage and detritus of the horrors of war, though, because sometimes the Autobot leader leaves music videos for Tommy to watch.


While Optimus Prime recounted their first encounter with Nebulos, Tommy Kennedy decided that it would be awesome to be Optimus Prime's Headmaster, and instantly demanded this honor. However, after Optimus' story was completed, the Autobot leader said it would be a lot of hard work, and probably dangerous. Tommy chickened out. Optimus dodged a bullet. Season 5

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