"The Tomb of the Primes is a place located on the Earth.

Too difficult to hide a small thing from a group of robots?! You'd need to kill yourselves because of that?!

The Tomb of the Primes is was a secret hiding place of the Matrix of Leadership created by the bodies of the remaining Seven Primes, located somewhere on Earth. In essence, six of the original Prime's gave their lives to protect the Matrix from The Fallen.


Revenge of the Fallen film

Sam, Mikaela, Simmons, Leo, Bumblebee and the twins find the Tomb of the Primes in the ruins of Petra, in Jordan. Jetfire told them that the symbols in Sam's head would lead them to the tomb, that "As dawn alights the Dagger's Tip, the Three Kings will reveal the doorway" and these Three Kings were pointing to east, exactly to Jordan and to the mountain the ruins were built. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


Head of one Prime used in the set for filming the movie and for the "New Divide" music clip.

  • The music clip of "New Divide", made by Linkin Park, is filmed on the set with the decoration of the Tomb of the Primes, scenes from the movie and phrases about it.
  • A Prime's head can be seen in both the tomb and in the "New Divide" music clip. It looks like the Fallen's head and was a little destroyed or rotten. This item, specially, was auctioned for $1,200, along with other items from the movie.

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