Tomaandi is an Autobot in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.
M01 tomaandi

Tomaandi! Last boy on Cybertron!

High Councilor Tomaandi is a member of the Council of Autobot Elders in Iacon. He may also be a member of the royal family ruling Iacon.

He is a fool. (At least Xaaron thinks so.)


Tomaandi asked Emirate Xaaron to deliver a status update on the Vos-Tarn war, though he seemed to have already made up his mind not to intervene. State Games

As the war engulfed the entire planet, Tomaandi opposed placing Lacon's military forces directly under Optimus Prime's control. He was overridden when General Traachon exercised his veto. And There Shall Come...a Leader!

Tomaandi presided over the meeting of Autobot Elders where Optimus Prime agreed to lead the mission to clear a path through the asteroids. Despite his less-than-sunny opinion of the Council, Optimus Prime was noticeably deferential to Tomaandi, calling him Sire. The Transformers Tomaandi was not named in this appearance and appears in different colors, but seems to be the same character.

Thousands of years later, facing bombardment, by the Decepticon Trannis, the Council decided to surrender. Trannis executed them all for their trouble. Cybertron: The Middle Years

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