Tokyo (東京 Tōkyō) is a city in the country of Japan on Earth. It seems to be a magnet for disaster, as it is always under attack by super-powered Transformers and the occasional giant lizard.


The Transformers cartoon continuityEdit

The Transformers cartoonEdit

Optimus Prime, Blaster and Bumblebee took Omega Supreme to Tokyo, and raced around the city trying to capture the electricity gremlin Kremzeek. Kremzeek!

Kiss PlayersEdit

At the end of the Unicron War of 2005, the newly-empowered Rodimus Prime defeated the Decepticon leader Galvatron, hurling him into space. Unfortunately, Galvatron crash-landed on Earth, obliterating Tokyo. One year later, much of the city had been restored, with the headquarters of the Earth Defense Command built on top of the impact crater. Drawn to the source of their Unicron-created cells, the Legion army converged on the city, with only the Tokyo Autrooper Team to keep them at bay. Kiss Players

Marvel Generation One comicsEdit


There are giant alien transforming robots fighting each other on Earth and the Japanese are unaware? That's pretty hard to believe.

When Starscream absorbed a portion of the Underbase, Tokyo was one of the three cities he chose to destroy. He announced this, of course, out loud, so when he arrived, an army of Autobots and Decepticons led by Grimlock and Scorponok were waiting for him.

While in the city, these Transformers are taken out by Starscream, in the following order:

Scorponok retreated to the Ark and Starscream left for his final targeted city, Buenos Aires. Dark Star!

Dreamwave Generation One comicsEdit

The Ginza district of Tokyo was the site of a publicity event to shore up flagging support for the Autobots. The event was disrupted by Megatron's appearance.

Megatron, Optimus Prime, Jazz, Bluestreak and 212 civilians were summarily teleported from the ensuing battle to Labyrinth by the Keepers. Keepers Trilogy

Dreamwave Energon comicsEdit

Tokyo was attacked by hundreds of Cruellocks, which were ultimately driven off by the arrival of the reborn and very angry Megatron. Multiplicity, Pt. 4

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