Tobio Fūma (風摩 兎飛雄 Fūma Tobio) is the latest descendant of the Fūma ninja clan.


Transformers Go!

Tobio was on a school outing to Nagoya Castle and extremely bored with the tourguide's instructions when Bakudora and Judora appeared and grabbed a Legendisc from the castle. Recalling that his grandfather had warned him of this day, Tobio snatched the Legendisc from the Predacons' hands, however they began threatening Tobio's classmates in an attempt to get it back. Tobio's rage activated the Swordbot Shinobi Team hidden within the castle, and the three Autobots defended him. As the combined Autobots struck the Predacons, there was a flash of light and both they and Tobio were briefly transported back in time to the Sengoku Era. Tobio later phoned his friend Isami Tatewaki to tell him about everything that had happened, only to discover that Isami had also teamed up with three Autobots, the Swordbot Samurai Team.

DiscoverTheLegendiscs Tobio tricks Kotaro

Tobio was soon surprised to discover that the three Autobots had built an underground base beneath his home. Once Optimus Prime had briefed both him and Isami on the Legendiscs' power, the two boys resolved to help track down the two missing discs. A signal from Tobio's disc resulted in him and the Shinobi Team taking another trip back in time. Arriving in wood, Tobio encountered Kotarō Fūma, whom he realized was one of his ancestors. Kotarō would not give up his Legendisc easily, however after the Predacons arrived, and Tobio risked his life to save two monkeys endangered by the battle, Kotarō turned over the disk, allowing Tobio to use its power to help the Autobots win. Unfortunately the disc was lost when Tobio and the Autobots returned to present day.

It was quickly realized that battling the Predacons was causing the other Legendiscs to time jump, a safeguard intended to protect the discs. On their next time slip to the past, Tobio rescued an old man from a pack of bandits, and the old man turned out to be Sasuke Sarutobi, who presented Tobio with a Legendisc. On returning to present day with the disc, the team was confronted by Budora and Judora, who had both gained increased size and power from Dragotron. Though the Autobots were able to defeat them, Dragotron himself arrived and turned the tables, at which point Optimus Prime arrived in a new form to help.

FinalBattleLink-Up Isami and Tobio powered up

After a brief fight, Dragotron grabbed Tobio and left with his Predacons, heading to Mount Fuji. There Dragotron absorbed both Tobio and Isami into himself, granting him the power of all five Legendiscs and allowing him to start Cyberforming the mountain. Though the Autobots were no match for the powered-up Dragotron, Tobio and Isami were able to use the courage in their hearts to reject his evil and expel themselves from his body. Unfortunately Dragotron still dominated the Autobots in battle, however Tobio and Isami had copied the Legendiscs' power into their hearts of justice, and glowing with power, they absorbed into Gekisoumaru and Kenzan, allowing them to combine with Optimus and defeat Dragotron. After the Predacons were sealed away, they all stood around and contemplated the restored Mount Fuji.


  • Fūma is the name of a well-known ninja clan, although the clan's name uses different kanji compared to Tobio's surname.
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