FOC Titan

Titans are the most powerful, biggest and brawliest class in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

Need to defend a vital facility from, say, a dashing and enterprising businessmech? Perhaps you want to prevent someone from going somewhere they aren't supposed to? Or maybe, just maybe, you're throwing everything you have at the enemy and want to make sure nothing gets in your way? Then the Titan is just the mech you're looking for!

Towering over their comrades, Titans will lay down unrelenting firepower as they march towards the unlucky glitchhead who got in their sights. Want more bang for your energon buck? Why, they come with an assortment of aerial mines, guaranteed to flush out those pesky guys who try to use things like "cover" to "stay alive". And best of all, these gents are self-sustaining, with accompanying repair drones that will help your Titan keep going, and going, and going...

Characteristics (Unit)

With a design that somewhat resembles G1 Jetfire's animation model (notably the backpack and a mostly white colour scheme) as well as a huge mass, Titans are easy to identify on the battlefield and normally appear guarding vital resources. Few and far between, if a Titan is present, safe to say there's something valuable nearby too.

Replacing the Heavy Soldiers as the suppressive fire type of enemy unit, the Titan is the single toughest foe players will face. Llike their predecessors, the Titans don't transform. Instead, these hulking brutes march inexorably towards their target, unleashing a hail of fire from their handheld Scrapmaker cannons. They occasionally pause to deploy air mines that fly towards their chosen victim before detonating. What's that? Go for the head? Great idea!

Except for the fact they can also deploy a couple of repair drones that can heal the Titans faster than damage can be inflicted. Luckily, said drones can be shot down, and sustained fire can and will bring them low. Just don't stand too close, as they will self-detonate in an attempt to take the victorious but careless player with them.

Weapons and Abilities

The Titans' main weapon is a handheld gatling cannon similar to the X18 Scrapmaker. They have a seemingly endless amount of ammunition, so using cover or superior maneuverability is a must. Their secondary weapons are aerial mines that pursue a target. While the mines can be shot down fairly easily, they are also persistent and can cause fatal distractions. By far the most dangerous ability of the Titans is the deployment of repair drones that can keep them healed (immediately noticeable thanks to a shimmering blue effect that coats the affected Titan). The Titan also has an incredibly powerful melee attack, taking away almost all your health and knocks you far back.

Even in death a Titan is still a threat: they will detonate and do a large amount of damage to anyone standing nearby. Luckily, this includes other enemies.

Characteristics (FOC Multiplayer)

The Titan was tweaked from the War for Cybertron Soldier class. It still has the highest overall health, but greater emphasis was placed on heavy machine guns, with most of the explosive munitions transferred to the Destroyer class.

Body Types

Six body types were available with the game initially, with two unlocked from the get-go and the rest available by spending Energon shards. The heads, chest/vehicle, shoulders, arms, legs, and cannon were interchangeable. The initial bodies were:

  • Gunner (Megatron)
  • Obliterator (Warpath)
  • Tanker (Brawl)
  • Wrecker (Scattershot)
  • Bruiser (Demolishor)
  • Steel Crusher (Quake)

Several bonus heads could be added on by attaining certain levels. They were:

  • Beast (Grimlock beast head, unlocked at level 25)
  • Warlord (Head of the Autobot Titan and Shotgunner enemies in campaign, Unlocked at Prime)
  • Crawler (Insecticon head, unlocked at Prime level 25)
  • Elite (Megatron with a crown, unlocked by reaching Prime 25 with every class)

Later, downloadable content could be purchased that added more body types. So far, they've been:

  • Annihilator (Perceptor)
  • Beetle (Hardshell)
  • Berserker (Grimlock cannon can't be altered with this type)

Finally, each class could apply a variety of faction symbols (called "decals"). Each set cost 400 Energon shards, and many contained references to past Transformers subgroups. They were: Targetmasters; Lightning Strikeforce; Warchargers; Astro Squad; Protectobots; Energo Squad; Battle Squad; Lazer Rods.


Each class in FOC was able to equip a primary and secondary firearm, and each had four to choose from. Two would be unlocked to begin with, and the rest became available as levels were gained. Each weapon upgrades that could be added by gaining levels. The Titan had access to:

  • Energon Harvester
  • X18 Scrapmaker
  • E.D.K. TechVolt
  • Corrosive Slime Cannon


Each class had access to two different abilities and could equip one at a time. The second ability, as well as various upgrades, could be unlocked by gaining experience. The Titan could:

  • Whirlwind - A spinning melee attack. Could be canceled by jumping or pressing the ability button.
  • Flak Shield - A huge, handheld shield that blocked incoming attacks.
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