Titans are massive enemies, with loads of armour. Each faction has their own variant. They have to be repeatedly shot in the head to kill them. They are armed with Ion Displacer which can be picked up once the Titan is dead. In Escalation, in normally takes 1 full clip of the X12 Scrapmaker to kill him and does not drop his displacer. He only drops his displacer in campaign. It should be noted that the displacer is one of the most powerful weapons and does not require many shots to kill a titan.


War for Cybertron

Titans are one of the toughest enemies, underneath the brute and destroyer. If you kill them, your reward is an ion displacer, which is a very powerful chain gun. They are a strong asset to both side, but tend to be on the opposing team, and are a right pain to kill if you run into one.

Fall Of Cybertron

The ones in fall of cybertron carry X18 Scrapmakers.They only appear in escalation at wave 5 and are only on the autobot team. They have the same voice as the titan and pretty much say the same phrases.

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