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Tiny Tins is one of several companies who have acquired the Transformers license. Each Tiny Tins product is a small toy that comes with its own pocket-sized tin carrying case. For Transformers, these are either Spy Changers or Mini-Cons. Most retain their original decos; the Cybertron-series Tiny Tins are the only ones (so far) to be new redecoes.

Outside of Transformers, there are also Tiny Tins for Hasbro's My Little Pony, and plush Disney characters. Tiny Tins produces it own original product as well, including race cars, plastic animals (dinosaurs, ponies, dogs), figures of well-known fairy-tale/fable characters, plush toys, and holiday themes.


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(Note: These Tiny Tins bonus packs were made as Wal-Mart exclusives.)

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