Timelines is a Transformers franchise that belongs to Fun Publications. Rather than having an ongoing year-to-year story from convention to convention, Timelines is a annual series of unconnected stand-alone stories that take place in pre-existing continuities or possibly in new ones unexplored.

Botcon stories

Most of the Timelines stories have been made available at the Botcon convention, with an accompanying set of toys featurng characters from the stories.

2005: Descent into Evil and Intimidation Game

Ironhide and a team of Autobots attempt to stop Deathsaurus from reviving the Decepticon Empire with a clone army of Insecticons.

2006: Dawn of Future's Past

Prelude to the Beast Wars

2007: Games of Deception

A team of Autobots lead by Ultra Magnus and Grimlock face the mysterious Decepticon Bug Bite and his crew of mind-controlled followers.

Club stories

Text stories

Some club stories were made available via the Transformers Collectors' Club in prose form with illustrations, usually about recent toys and/or Club exclusives.

2007: The Dark Heart of Sandokan

2007: The Razor's Edge

Comic book stories

In 2008, Timelines began publishing quarterly as a comic book series, available at comic book stores.

2008: Cheap Shots

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