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For timelines in general, see Timeline (disambiguation)

Timelines is a Transformers franchise that belongs to Fun Publications. It began in 2005 as an umbrella banner for BotCon fiction. The previous model of convention fiction had lengthy storylines that had sluggishly unfolded across various years' conventions; Timelines instead promised a series of unconnected stand-alone stories, set in pre-existing or entirely new continuities. "Timelines" has since expanded to include various other stories in multiple formats, primarily text stories with illustrations, made available through the Transformers Club web site.

The "Timelines" banner has not been universally applied to all of Fun Publications' fiction, as the comic strips published in the Hasbro Transformers Collectors' Club magazine are not labeled as part of the franchise. However, portions of the club comic's ongoing storyline are told through various Timelines stories.

Botcon stories

Most of the Timelines stories have been made available at the Botcon convention, and mostly feature the characters available as convention exclusive toys that year.

BotCon 2005

Format: comic book
Continuity: Indeterminate Generation One
Story: Ironhide and a team of Autobots attempt to stop Deathsaurus from reviving the Decepticon Empire with a clone army of Insecticons.

Format: Live-action script reading.
Continuity: Indeterminate Generation One (as above)
Story: Several Predacons test the loyalty of Flamewar.

BotCon 2006

Format: Comic book
Continuity: Beast Wars
Story: A Maximal relic has been stolen, and a team of explorers is called to catch the thieves.

BotCon 2007

Format: Comic book
Continuity: Classics.
Story: A team of Autobots led by Ultra Magnus and Grimlock face the mysterious Decepticon Bug Bite and his crew of mind-controlled followers. Games directly follows up on the ongoing story of the Fan Club comics.

Format: Computer animation.
Continuity: Beast Wars
Story: Megatron and his flunkies match wits with Cryotek.

BotCon 2008

Format: Comic book
Continuity: Shattered Glass
Story: Cliffjumper is transported to a mad world where the bad guys are the good guys.

Format: Live action script reading
Continuity: Animated / Transtech
Story: Optimus, Bumblebee, and Sari are accidentally teleported to Axiom Nexus, and hilarity follows close behind.

Club stories

Text stories

Some club stories were made available via the Transformers Collectors' Club in prose form with illustrations, usually about then-recent toys and/or Club exclusives.


Continuity: Unicron Trilogy.
Story: Cannonball pursues an artifact.

Continuity: Beast Wars.
Story: Airazor does some stuff.

Continuity: Classics.
Story: Strife emerges among the Mini-Cons on the newly reformed Cybertron.

Continuity: Universe.
Story: The conclusion of the Beast Era Wreckers' adventures.


Continuity: Transtech.
Story: Deep in the outworlder city of Axiom Nexus, Jackpot and Hubcap get caught up in the locals' intrigues.

Continuity: Unicron Trilogy
Story: A team of Autobots, searching for the Cyber Planet Keys, finds a dead colony world with some dark secrets.

Continuity: Transtech.
Story: Small Foot drags Crystal Widow into... something.

Comic book stories

In 2008, Timelines is slated to begin publishing quarterly as a comic book series, available at comic book stores.


Continuity: Classics.
Story: Nightbeat does some stuff. Not yet published.