Tim Hansen is a human from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Tim. Tim. I'm Batman.

Tim Hansen is the older brother of Bud Hansen and Coby Hansen. He's, um... did we mention that he's Bud and Coby's older brother? We did? Oh.

Hmmm. He watches the news just enough to know it when the world is being invaded by flying robots, and gives his brothers wedgies. Maybe.

Yeah, that's all we got. That, and his nameless girlfriend.


Cybertron cartoon

Voice actor: Terry Klassen (English), ??? (Japanese)

Tim was accidentally run off the road by Hot Shot and Landmine, wrecking his mini motorcar. Quickly activating their holographic avatars, Hot Shot and Landmine told the distraught Tim that they were friends of his brothers and promised to look for them. They then drove off, leaving Tim stranded in the middle of nowhere. Retreat

Later, when an image of the Black Hole was shown throughout the universe, Tim became very concerned with his brothers. Coby called Tim and told the entire truth about everything. He advised his brother to tell their parents the truth and next time, see him for real, as he missed them. Family

After the Black Hole was sealed and Galvatron destroyed, he was talking to Chief Dobsen about how impressed he was. But Dobsen just told them that Tim would have a lot of work to do over the summer. He was probably right, too. Beginnings


  • Going by the "snapshot" shown at the end of the show, Tim may be married and have a daughter. Or he is simply standing next to a woman and a small girl for no reason.
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