Thunderpunch is a human from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Thunderpunch is Lee Gruber, a member of the superhuman Neo-Knights. He has the power to energize his hands and feet making them powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with a Transformer. He is not the snappiest dresser, having spent the majority of his time on the superhero team wearing an outfit that made him look like a barefoot football player.


Marvel Comics Continuity

Lee Gruber was a freakshow star, also having had repeated run-ins with law enforcement. He was one of the first superhumans approached by G.B. Blackrock after the wealthy industrialist was given the authority to form a task force against the Decepticons. He accepted Blackrock's offer, but he had to shave a truly inspirational beard to join. The Human Factor!

He and his fellow Neo-Knights would later engage Scorponok in a battle where the large-footed superhuman proved... less than effective. Out of Time!

Proving his learning curve is not the best, he also battled against Unicron, though Circuit Breaker proved much more able to take on the Chaos Bringer. On the Edge of Extinction!


  • Hypothetically, since Thunderpunch never appeared in a non-Transformers publication, he should be fully owned by Hasbro. Good luck getting anyone to realize this, though.

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