"It ain't who wins the most fights, just who wins th' last one!"
―Thunderhoof in Decepticon Island (Part 2).

One of Cybertron's most influential crime bosses, the Decepticon Thunderhoof controlled a huge criminal empire before he was eventually imprisoned. He's cunning enough to manipulate others into becoming pawns in his schemes, and tough enough to back up his orders with the threat of violence. Unlike some other Decepticons, he's not too enthusiastic about being stranded on Earth, to the point where he's willing to concoct reckless plans to get back home. He transforms into a tractor with a thresher attachment. He has also joined Steeljaw's Pack.

Robots in Disguise


On Cybertron, Thunderhoof was a successful criminal boss. One of his crimes included stealing land from other Cybertronians and used Scowl to destroy the building that Thunderhoof had illicitly claimed. Thunderhoof was eventually arrested thanks to Clampdown, who snitched on to local Autobot enforcement about Thunderhoof.

Season 1

When the Alchemor crashed on Earth, Thunderhoof was freed from his stasis cell and was aiming to build a Space Bridge to go back to Cybertron. In As the Kospego Commands!, while working on making his plan a success, Thunderhoof relied on pretending to be a local legendary creature called the Kospego and tricked some humans, a human named Arnold, into following his command and help him get the required parts. If they did not help, Thunderhoof would have resorted to use force as a way. When the humans failed to get a generator, Thunderhoof took it upon himself to break into a nearby dam and steal its generator. He encountered Grimlock and immediately knocked the sense out of him to secure the generator. Later, he returned to his construction site only to find Bumblebee and Sideswipe had scared his human workers off. Despite trying to convince them into helping him in exchange for a cut in the action, Thunderhoof defeated Bumblebee and found Sideswipe was willing to aid Thunderhoof. When Thunderhoof activated the Space Bridge, the portal turned into a strange color, that Thunderhoof was unfamiliar with, while Bumblebee and Sideswipe knew it was a black hole. Thunderhoof decided to let Sideswipe go to test the portal as he pushed the Autobot towards the Space Bridge. Thunderhoof revealed that he was aware of Sideswipe's little trap and Sideswipe was able to use his Decepticon hunter to knock Thunderhoof towards the portal. Thunderhoof grabbed onto the sides of the threshold and tried to reach for Sideswipe's foot, only to be knocked into the portal by some girders that Bumblebee released. Deep within the woods, Thunderhoof was bridged back and realized he was still stuck on Earth. As he was deciding to build a new empire on Earth, his Decepticon symbol on his chest was scratched by a strange figure. Steeljaw revealed himself to Thunderhoof and invited Thunderhoof to join him.

In True Colors, Steeljaw had Thunderhoof scout for a new larger base other than the Crown River Dam.

Evidently, Thunderhoof succeeded as the Decepticons were later holed up in an abandoned factory in Sideways. When Steeljaw brought Clampdown to join the gang, Thunderhoof recognized him as the snitch who had resulted in the crime boss's arrest. Infuriated, he attacked Clampdown over Steeljaw's protests. As Clampdown fled, he gave chase with the rest of the team chasing them both, until they ended up in a landfill. As the rest of the Decepticons handled the Autobots who had come to capture Clampdown as well, Thunderhoof finally cornered Clampdown in a crater and in the struggle, the two slammed heads together, rendering them both unconscious and easy arrests. Fortunately for them both, Steeljaw was able to free the whole gang before the Autbots could transport them back to base, and Thunderhoof reluctantly watched as Clampdown was inducted into the gang.

In Lockout, Thunderhoof took part in a plan to take over the Autobots' scrapyard after he and Clampdown tied Kickback to a tree. While the plan worked, Steeljaw's pack secured the scrapyard and when the Autobots attempted to come in the scrapyard, they were prevented to when Steeljaw had placed a defense to emit a subsonic pulse that will cause pain to Autobots or Dinobots. Steeljaw had the Autobots surrender their weapons and though Thunderhoof was disgruntled at having to play the role of lackey to Steeljaw, he agreed to follow in bringing the Autobot's weapons away from them. After Underbite let the two captive humans escape, Thunderhoof was reluctantly teamed up by Steeljaw to go with Clampdown to look for them. During their hunt for the humans, Thunderhoof pushed Clampdown to the side, which made Clampdown remind him that they were on the same side. Thunderhoof reminded Clampdown on how he ratted him out to the Autobots and warned him to stay out of his way. The pair ended up taking a ride down a roller coaster, which Thunderhoof forced Clampdown to go in front of the whole ordeal. Though once Clampdown was able to get them out of range of being held captive by the humans, Thunderhoof threw Clampdown to recapture Denny as Russell managed to escape. Once the Autobots regained access to the base, Thunderhoof fought and was soon defeated by Sideswipe as he was zapped by the Autobot and fell unconscious. Later, Thunderhoof escaped to the Decepticon hideout with the rest of the team where they were all scolded by Steeljaw and left when Steeljaw forced them to.

In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Thunderhoof and Underbite took down Sideswipe and brought back him and Strongarm, with the aid from Fracture's Mini-Cons in taking down Strongarm, to Steeljaw as they also brought back the required materials for the first Decepticon. Thunderhoof questioned Steeljaw on what would the first Decepticon need all the junk for and Steeljaw replied that he does not know or does not care. When the first Decepticon appeared in Steeljaw's vision, Thunderhoof and Underbite looked on oddly as their leader was just talking to the wall by their view. When the first Decepticon tortured Clampdown, Thunderhoof seemed to be quite entertained by his ordeal by claiming it as entertainment. As Steeljaw's gang captured Windblade, tied their captives to the statue, and began building the bridge for the first Decepticon, they were intercepted by the Autobots. Thunderhoof and Underbite were ordered by Steeljaw to fend them off. Thunderhoof fought and successfully held down Bumblebee. When Optimus Prime came and destroyed the bridge, Thunderhoof and a lot of the others near the portal were blown away by the explosion. As a result, Megatronus had came out of the portal and onto the platform.

In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Thunderhoof and the rest of Steeljaw's gang prevented the Autobots from interfering with Megatronus's plans by knocking them to the side. Megatronus complimented them before revealing his plans to them. He intended to use his spark fuser to merge the AllSpark and Anti-Spark together to blow both planets. Realizing they have been betrayed Steeljaw attacked Megatronus and was thrown to the side by him. Steeljaw ordered his gang to fight but they all were too frightened by Megatronus and retreated but ended up facing against the Autobots. Thunderhoof was taken out by being kicked simultaneously by Sideswipe and Strongarm. In the end, Thunderhoof was placed back in a stasis pod along with the rest of Steeljaw's pack, except Steeljaw.

Season 2

In Misdirection, after Steeljaw broke into the scrapyard, he deactivated Thunderhoof's stasis pod, alongside several others, as part of a bid to bolster Glowstrike's forces. When Thunderhoof brought up Steeljaw's past failures at leadership even mentioning the first Decepticon's involvement in getting them locked back in stasis pods, Steeljaw informed the Decepticons of his alliance with Glowstrike, and gave them coordinates to follow while he remained at the scrapyard. The escapees later reconvened at Steeljaw's coordinates, where they was inspected by Glowstrike, who seemed pleased by the new cadre of "elite warriors".

In Portals, Thunderhoof gathered with Steeljaw's other followers on the roof of the ship, where he and Clampdown debated staying loyal to Steeljaw. His would-be mutiny was shut down by Steeljaw, who updated his gathered brethren about his plans to overthrow Glowstike, until she and Saberhorn arrived to talk with Steeljaw alone.

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), Thunderhoof was present after the Autobots staged a raid on the Decepticon base, and were subsequently surrounded by the base's occupants.

In Decepticon Island (Part 2), though the Autobots slipped away from them at this time, Thunderhoof and Groundpounder later cornered Grimlock, Strongarm, and Sideswipe in a communications room. While Groundpounder and Grimlock faced off, Thunderhoof gleefully used his seismic stomp attacks on the other two Autobots. But Sideswipe managed to reach the console and create a debilitating high-frequency signal. Groundpounder and Thunderhoof both proved unable to cope with the noise and were knocked unconscious. They were presumably re-frozen after Optimus and Bumblebee detonated a stasis bomb in the ship's ventilation system.

Season 3

In Strongarm's Big Score, the Autobots used a training drone disguised as Thunderhoof in a training exercise.

Season 4

As revealed in Freedom Fighters, the High Council released Steeljaw from prison to keep Bumblebee and his team occupied while they made plans to summon Megatron.

In Exiles, Thunderhoof was also released with the promise of a full pardon should the Pack succeed in terminating the Bee Team. Returning to Earth, they mounted on assault on the scrapyard which drove out the Autobots, but lost track of where their quarry had gone. Thunderhoof immediately got into a disagreement with Steeljaw and announced he was leaving the planet on his own, but Steeljaw persuaded him otherwise by mashing his face in the ground. The Pack managed to lure the Bee Team to the Crown City Dam however they conclusively lost the fight that followed, with Thunderhoof first being thrown into an overloading generator, then managing to join the other Decepticons in plunging into the raging river.

In Breathing Room, Thunderhoof and the other member of the Pack split up to search for members of the Bee Team.

In Prepare for Departure, gaining new orders from Soundwave, the Pack headed to a waste disposal site so they could dig up radioactive substances. The Bee Team showed up, resulting in another fight which ended when Thunderhoof used his ground stomp to open up a crevasse under the Autobots, though Steeljaw wasn't happy about the results. The Decepticons left with their prize, only to again encounter the Autobots in a warehouse, with the battle that ensued not ending favorably for the Decepticons.

In Prisoner Principles, hearing that Clampdown had been arrested by the Autobots, Thunderhoof automatically assumed the 'Con had blabbed their current plan to break into the nuclear power plant. He turned out to be right, and when Clampdown arrived handcuffed to Strongarm, Thunderhoof set his sights on clobbering his fellow 'Con. His pursuit ended when Grimlock landed on him. Despite this interference, he managed to follow the Autobots into the power plant and rejoin Steeljaw, though the pair were again clobbered by Grimlock as they tried to escape with the nuclear fuel rods they'd acquired. The unconscious Thunderhoof was still mattering about Clampdown as the Autobots dragged him out of the plant. He and the other captured Pack members were later incarcerated in makeshift cells in the Autobots' cave.

In Something He Ate, the Autobots returned to their scrapyard base, Thunderhoof and the other Decepticons were taken with them and reinstated in stasis pods.


Thunderhoof is a crime boss who is tired of cops being on his payroll. Thunderhoof can be easily angered which can lead him to become very destructive. He also can be provoked very easily by anyone.

Thunderhoof seems to behave like a tyrant and is very aggressive in fighting. He used the myth of a legendary creature called the "Kospego" to persuade and force a bunch of humans into doing his work for him or they would have to face his wrath if they did not comply with his demands. He is a fair criminal boss to his underlings but it all changed as he joined Steeljaw's Pack. He has a history and hatred for Clampdown, since he was the reason Thunderhoof was locked up and placed on the Alchemor. He allows others do his work hence his status as a crime boss. He also knows a bit about human culture since his meeting with Arnold. However, he seems to dislike being ordered around instead of acting as a boss himself as shown in Lockout and in Portals.

Physical Appearance

Transformers Robots in Disguise 2015 S01 E06 As t (23)

Thunderhoof resembles an animal called the elk, as he has large antlers and has hooves. He is also dark colored and has red eyes (typical for a Decepticon). His alt mode is a tractor with a thresher attachment. His antlers are slightly bent backwards. His alt mode rake may be adjustable due to the fact when he drives there is no scraping.

Powers and abilities

Thunderhoof is a durable Decepticon, easily knocking Grimlock out of his senses (though Grimlock was in Robot Mode when attacked), and able to man-handle Bumblebee. He also has the ability to break the ground he stands on by stomping on it, hence his name. His attack patterns are like those of a moose or bull, or other horned animals, charging straight forward with his antlers on front, tackling his enemy and sends them flying. He also seems to prefer stomping foes with his hooves. His vehicle mode is fast, considering that it is a tractor. He is strong, fast, and make a formidable foe in combat.



In As the Kospego Commands!, Thunderhoof encountered Steeljaw when the latter's Decepticon symbol was scratched by Steeljaw and was welcomed to join him, with little uncertainty of trusting him. However, in Sideways, Steeljaw and Thunderhoof seem to have developed a strong connection with each other. In Lockout, Thunderhoof seemed to felt like a minion when Steeljaw ordered him to bring the Autobot's weapons out of their reach. In Misdirection, Thunderhoof along with several other Decepticons including Clampdown were freed by Steeljaw. Thunderhoof mentions the disaster of their last failed collaboration and had some distrust in following Steeljaw any further. Steeljaw realized his mistakes and offers his allies a place where other Decepticons were residing in the back end of the Alchemor.

With some differences in their relationship, they still seem to have a settled a bond and alliance.

Clampdown (frenemy)

In Sideways, Thunderhoof recognized Clampdown as the snitch who told on him to the Autobots, which resulted in his arrest. Despite Steeljaw holding Thunderhoof back, Thunderhoof chased Clampdown and it soon led them to be captured by the Autobots after Thunderhoof and Clampdown were unconscious. In Lockout, Thunderhoof and Clampdown were ordered by Steeljaw to recapture their two-human prisoners, Russell and Denny. During their hunt, Thunderhoof had pushed Clampdown to the side and Clampdown reminded him that they were both on the same side. Thunderhoof reminded him that they were on the same side before Clampdown ratted Thunderhoof out to the Autobots and warned Clampdown to stay out of his way. The pair ended up taking a roller coaster ride, which was a trap set by Russell and Dennny, but they managed to capture Denny. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Thunderhoof seemed extremely entertained by Clampdown's ordeal of being tortured by Megatronus.


Thunderhoof is seen to hang with Underbite in most occasions and they seem to be good allies.


Thunderhoof interacts the least with Fracture, though they remain good allies.



Thunderhoof disliked on how Bumblebee tried to stop him from going to Cybertron through a space bridge that Bumblebee stated was unstable. Sideswipe prevented Thunderhoof from attacking Bumblebee any further as he tried to trick him. In Battlegrounds, Part 1, Thunderhoof was ordered by Steeljaw to prevent the Autobots from interfering with their construction of the arch. Thunderhoof fought Bumblebee and their fight was cut short as they were blasted away by the explosion of the destroyed arch.


Sideswipe attempted to goad Thunderhoof but Thunderhoof saw through him as he turned the tables on Sideswipe by trying to take the Autobot to test the space bridge. Sideswipe managed to dispatch Thunderhoof and it resulted in Thunderhoof's defeat. In Lockout, Sideswipe managed to fight and zapped Thunderhoof during their fight in the scrapyard. In Battlegrounds, Part 2, Thunderhoof was taken down with the combine efforts of Sideswipe and Strongarm.


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  • Thunderhoof's traits are similar to Al Capone.
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