This article is about the Armada-series Mini-Con. For the Generation One Turbomaster leader, see Thunder Clash.

Thunderclash is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.
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A greasy, amoral smooth-talking weasel, Thunderclash has somehow managed to lie, cheat and swindle his way into a position where many larger and more powerful Decepticons actually owe him... or at least fear that he may blackmail them, so they do what he wants. Utterly self-interested, Thunderclash doesn't do anything unless he can see a way to personally profit from it. Some say he started the rumors that his occasional partner Skywarp is only in the position he is thanks to a healthy dose of nepotism. Needless to say, Skywarp hates Thunderclash's guts, but can't do a whole lot about it... yet.

An alternate-universe incarnation of Thunderclash serves the will of Unicron via the herald Ramjet. This version of Thunderclash has no free will whatsoever, being a near-mindless thrall.


Fun Publications Cybertron Comic



  • Skywarp w/ Thunderclash (Max-Con, 2003)
Available only with the Decepticon Skywarp, Thunderclash transforms into a Cybertronic gunship. His jet mode can be attached to the underside of Skywarp's jet-mode nosecone for storage, "launched" by pressing down on Skywarp's cockpit canopy.
This mold is also used by Processor, Saber, and Triac.


  • Ramjet w/ Thunderclash, Gunbarrel, Terradive and Thunderwing (Ultra, 2004)
Thunderclash was barely redecoed to be part of a Toys 'R' Us exclusive "Spring Value Pack", partnered with Ramjet and a (barely) redecoed version of the Air Military Mini-Con Team.

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