This article is about the Generation One Turbomaster leader. For the Armada-series Mini-Con, see Thunderclash.

Thunder Clash is an Autobot Turbomaster from the Generation One continuity family.
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Feel the magic, hear the roar.

Thunder Clash is the powerful, intelligent commander-in-chief of the Autobot Turbomasters. Fearless in battle and keen in strategy, he is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield, his mere appearance sapping the fighting spirit from Decepticon forces. He commands the respect of the Autobots under his authority and the fear of the Decepticon Predators they fight against. Thunder Clash worries not about the air superiority of the Predators, believing that by standing as one, the Turbomasters will be able to resist anything that's thrown at them.

French name (Canada): Tonnerre
Italian name: Uragan


Catalogue comic

G1Thunder clash cataloguecomic

Thunder Clash, ho!

During a Decepticon Predator attack on the Autobot base, Skyquake gazed into his Supersight as he was about to join the battle. Suddenly, "into his Supersight view looms a menacing shape that strikes terror even into his hardened heart..."

Presumably, Thunder Clash and Skyquake fought after this overly dramatic prose.


Generation One

  • Thunder Clash (Large Turbomaster, 1992)
    • Accessories: Gun, 8 missiles
G1Thunder clash toy

Thunder Clash is loose.

Thunder Clash transforms into a Cybertronian "cab-over" tractor-trailer. His trailer is armed with two spring-loaded, plunger-fired missile launchers. In robot mode, he uses a small handgun. His trailer unfolds to become a missile-launching assault tower equipped with "gravity-fed" missiles that descend and reload the launchers as soon as a round is fired.
This toy also has an undocumented feature: The back of Thunder Clash's legs have notches in them that fit his handgun's "wings" for storage in vehicle mode.
This mold was retooled into Machine Wars Optimus Prime. This later version of the mold had a planned redeco as Menasor in the Universe line, but was canceled.


  • Elite Guard Commander Thunderclash (Botcon Exclusive, 2009)
This version was repainted from Energon Rodimus in roughly the same "eye catching" color scheme.


  • Thunder Clash began life as "Hyperdrive". According to the concept art, the truck mode is roughly the same (the trailer sports two large "vent sections" on the sides) but the cab and part of the trailer together form one very large robot in a fashion similar to Motormaster. For whatever reason, this robot is shown holding one of Thunderwing's rifles and having a chest similar to Star Convoy's.[1]. At one point, he was to be the leader above Thunder Clash, but in the end, the design never saw the light of day. Interestingly, Hyperdrive appears in Skyquake's scope.


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