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Dirt Boss comes online and forces the Constructicons & Bulkhead to work for him; Lugnut shows up and the rest of the Autobots have a big problem.

Japanese title: "The Tough Dirt Boss" (強気なダートボス Tsuyoki na Dirt Boss)


Headmaster unit gets wrecked during the transformation. Does it still work though?

Professor Sumdac and Bulkhead are making a Space bridge using some parts from the Headmaster unit and some other parts. Sumdac falls into a hole while driving an indoor vehicle, and the Headmaster unit and Allspark fragments fall as well. Luckily, Bulkhead manages to save him from the fall. Sumdac decides he needed a rest. Bulkhead thought his Old buddies, Mixmaster and Scrapper could help him retrive the items that fell into the hole; as soon as he disappears, the Headmaster components and Allspark fragments began to merge with each other.

In an oil place, Mixmaster and Scrapper are having a good time with their oil cans. When Bulkhead shows up, Scrapper and Mixmaster try to strangle him, only to change their mind after he offers them a job.

Back at Sumdac Tower, Scrapper and Mix retrieve the materials from the hole; among them is a vehicle identical to the one Sumdac was driving earlier, but with a colour scheme similar to that of Mix and Scrapper. The new vehicle transforms into a small robot, who calls himself Dirt Boss because he wants to be the boss of stealing oil. Sumdac appears, and Dirt Boss threatens to kill him, backing off when Bulkhead pretends aggression towards Sumdac. Dirt Boss orders the other Constructicons to help him steal oil from an oil station. Bulkhead isn't too sure about this, but goes along anyway.

On the way to the oil station, they come across an oil truck. Amazingly, the driver was wearing a hardhat. Dirt Boss told Mix and Scrapper to steal the truck. Bulkhead tried to stop the, only to be covered in cement by Mix. The three Constructicons get away with the oil truck.

Guys, this is hopeless. We need someone else to form Devastator.

Mix and Scrapper celebrate their successful theft of the oil truck. Dirt Boss, however, wants the oil for something other than drinking, and focuses on the oil station.

Meanwhile, Optimus and the others are having a problem with Lugnut, who has managed to survive his attack on Omega Supreme. The Autobots manage to put him in stasis lock but have trouble of getting him out of the crater he made with the PAWNCH.

The Constructicons attempt to blow up the oil station. Bulkhead attempts to stop them, but he and Mix are hypnotised by Dirt Boss, although not before Bulkhead manages to contact the other Autobots. The Autobots leave Lugnut, and head for the oil station. They battle the Constructicons, and free Bulkhead from Dirt Boss' control, accidentally setting fire to the oil. The Constructicons climb above the oil tank, trying to get to safety; Bulkhead warps them to a different place using a device from the previous episode

The fire, oil tank, and Constructicons materialize above the sea near Dinobot Island.

Ramjet's good side.

The Autobots head back to Lugnut's crater, to find him missing.

Lugnut flies off with Ramjet (Animated) who promises never to tell anyone what happened that day.


Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


Isaac Sumdac: "I tell you, that thing is staring at me! (Starts moving around.) It is as if it's eyes are following me, wherever I go." - Isaac Sumdac looks at the Mona Lisa for the first time.

Scrapper: But remember, this is strictly off the books because if Megatron ever found out, he'd blow a head gasket!
Bulkhead: Right, cause me and Megatron, we talk all the time!

—Oh ho! Bulkhead, is funny because it never happens!

Bulkhead: You know, its not too late to paint some new logos on your chest.
Mixmaster: Yeah I guess. I mean, Megatron had good oil and all but his management skills stink.

Mixmaster about his previous employer.

Scrapper: What the slag it that? (Dirt Boss transforms in robot mode)
Bulkhead: If I had to guess... A forklift, a Headmaster Unit, an AllSpark fragment, and a whole lotta trouble.

— Way to introduce the new guy Bulky.

(Dirt Boss using a cerebro shell to cause Scrapper to beat himself up)
Dirt Boss: You got a problem? You got a problem? You got a problem? You got a problem?!.
Bulkhead: Bulkhead to Prime... I think we have a problem.

—I think Bulkhead has a problem.

(a cerebro shell controlled Bulkhead about to ignite an oil refinery)
Mixmaster: Him? What about me, I, uh, I mean I'm kind of attached to him.
Dirt Boss: Can't build a house without busting a few bricks.
Scrapper: It's just business Mix, nothing personal.

Scrapper shows how good a friend he is.

Lugnut: Um... you promise me you will, uh... [Clears his throat] Never speak of this to Megatron?
Ramjet: Oh... I promise.

Lugnut soon learns how trustworthy Ramjet is.


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Scrapper says "You're the Boss" to Dirt Boss and when Dirt Boss replies, "That's better.", his mouth didn't move but he spoke through an opening above his mouth.
  • Mix's logo disappears in many parts of the episode.
  • When Bulkhead reports in on Prime about "a problem" from Sumdac Tower, there is another Bulkhead standing next to Optimus.
  • When Scrapper transforms while trying to lift Dirt Boss out of the hole, you don't hear the transformation sound.

Continuity errors

  • Mixmaster calls Bulkhead "Bulky" again. Maybe the rumble caused him to recongise Bulkhead back then? Well, Bulkhead did refer to himself as "Bulky" in an attempt to get the Constructicons to remember him in the "A Bridge Too Close, Part I".
  • When it shows the Dinobots, palm trees can be seen in the background. There shouldn't even be palm trees there to begin with!
  • Bulkhead knew where to find the Constructicons even though the last time they were seen they were getting buried under rubble.
  • How did the newspapers have enough time to make the Constructicons and Dirt Boss famous and wanted by the police, when it is still the same night? (Considering the Autobots are STILL trying to get Lugnut out of the hole.)
    • Though it could've just been an odd a very odd gag.

Transformers references

Real-world references

Let's hope he appears in this show.

  • The logo of the oil company resembles Pixar's Dinoco logo, only with G1 Sludge replacing their brontosaurus, which on top of that the Dinoco Label is based off the Sinclair gas stations.
  • Dirt Boss screams "Top of the World!" atop a burning oil rig before it explodes similar to White Heat starring James Cagney.
  • The final scenes of the episode have an similarity to the prison scenes in the comic book "Watchmen", including a short, hot-tempered crime boss and the two lackeys. As well as the "it's just business" line.

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Issac is in an episode that Sari isn't in. While not an error, it is certainly a first.
  • Liar Starscream can't possibly tell Megatron about Lugnut without telling the truth about what happened. Megatron hasn't been around him long enough to know that everything he says is a lie, so if Liar Starscream described these events by saying the opposite happened, Megatron would likely not understand, and ignore it.
  • According to dialogue later this season, this episode takes place on roughly November 8.
  • Dirt Boss was brought online AS a Decepticon, meaning he did not have to go through branding. Poor Mix and Scrap.
  • Dirt Boss's motto is clearly "You got a problem?"