• As you might have concluded from various threads on this wiki over the last few days, we are planning a merger with Transformers Prime Wiki, one of the duplicate wikis about Transformers with the most content. There have been discussions about the merger on that wiki as well as you can see here:,, The merger would be beneficial for our communities for various reasons. The powerholders on the other wiki can also get powers here. As well the merger could have a positive impact on this wiki's activity. Another reason would be that the other wiki will also be connected to this wiki's social media channels. Moreover they would inherit the bonds between Transformers Wiki and other wikis about franchises by Takara Tomy. Transformers Wiki is one of the oldest wikis on FANDOM and was very active prior to the fork back in 2008. Up until Animated (which aired in this year), most sub-series of Transformers are documented here, while the articles starting with the Prime continuity are of lesser quality at best. The merger would make it possible to create the largest and most active Transformers encyclopedia on FANDOM. And who knows, perhaps one day it could even be viable to also collaborate with TFWiki. What are your thoughts about the merger?

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      Should we merge with Transformers: Prime Wiki?

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