• Layouts

    Do you want series of headings with paragraphs beneath on toy pages (as we currently have) or do you want sortable tables allowing users to find a toy by their code, initial price, year of release etc.?

    Keep in mind we could could put headings in table cells (making each row navigable) and use css to make them smaller. Template:Poll

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    • My opinion:

      • Headings and paragraphs should be used on entity toy pages because they will list toys from different toylines and size classes that have many different properties. e.g. TakaraTomy toys may have a code whereas a Hasbro toy may not, one toy out of many may have a Mini-con. It would be wasteful to have a column for a property only used by a few toys representing the same character.
      • Tables should be used on Toylines because all the toys within a single one will have similar properties. Toyline pages may differ in the number of columns they have but they will all have tables.
      Example of a page with a table.
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    • I agree with this.

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    • Misconceptions about F!SRLT sublines

      There seems to be a mistake regarding how Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers (toyline) Subline imprints worked.

      New brandings didn't correspond to the show at the time:

      How it actually is

      • Characters introduced in Scramble City OVA logo had the Scramble City logo on their box e.g. Ultra Magnus, Metroplex, Trypticon, the original Scramble City combiners like Guardian (Japan's counterpart to Defensor) (but not King Poseidon who had the Seacons logo on the front and Super-God Masterforce log on the back or God Neptune who had the Japanese Beast Wars logo).
      • Headmasters had The Headmasters logo (even if they didn't appear in The Headmasters anime)
      • Targetmasters had the Targetmaster logo
      • Pretenders had the Pretenders logo
      • Godmasters had the Godmaster logo
      • Brainmasters had the Brainmaster logo. The Victory Saber pack additionally had a larger Victory Gattai logo.
      • Landcross had the Multiforce (Actually Multi Sentai) logo
      • Liokaiser had the Breastforce logo

      This is really one long toyline. Either we put it on one page keep everything short by having different tabs for different years or we split according to the actual brandings that Takara used.

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    • A FANDOM user
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