Tom Banachek is a human in the Movie continuity family.
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Tom Banachek is with Sector Seven's Advanced Research Division. He's not an asshole like Simmons is.


Transformers (2007) film

Actor: Michael O'Neill

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Banachek was sent to the Pentagon to brief Defense Secretary Keller by order of the President of the United States (who was buzy purging Ding Dongs). Banachek showed Keller classified footage that was deemed 'beyond Top Secret'. The footage showed that the Mars Beagle 2 Rover, previously believed to be lost in descent, in fact survived its landing and had recorded a several seconds of footage before a mysterious creature destroys it. Banacheck then showed a comparison between the martian and the 'weapons platform' that attacked the SOCCENT base in Qatar, concluding they were of the same design. Taking Secretary Keller to Hoover Dam, Banachek also met with Sam Witwicky and Mikaela Banes.

While Sam was unwilling to talk to the Agents over Bumblebee's imprisonment and treatment, Banachek pointed out that lives were at stake, and that they could negotiate, prompting Sam to demand that Bumblebee be released, his parents be brought there, and Mikaela's criminal record to be cleared.

When the teenagers, Keller, Maggie Madsen and Glen Whitmann were taken to see the "Iceman", Banachek explained that Sam's great-great grandfather had found him, and that the military had not been informed because there was no credible threat verification, prompting Sam to inform them that the Iceman, Megatron, was the harbringer of doom. When the power started to fail after Starscream's attack, the soldiers headed to the armory. After Captain Lennox forced Simmons to listen to Sam's request to release Bumblebee by holding him at gunpoint, Banachek called for calm.

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