Big Convoy is a Maximal leader from the Beast Wars era of the Generation 1 continuity.

We've got a great big convoy...

Big Convoy is a high-ranking yet severely anti-social general in the Maximal army. He is often called by his nickname, "the One-Man Army", due to his isolationist behavior and immense skill in battle. He can transform into a woolly mammoth and his weapon of choice is the descriptively named Big Cannon. At one point he was a freelancer, working with Rockbuster, until he joined the Maximal army officially. He has a heated but respectful rivalry with Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Magmatron. The Maximal Elders recognize Big Convoy's skill and dedication yet do not approve of his introverted attitude. He carries a Matrix connected to the Vector Sigma supercomputer.


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Junichi Inoue

Hoping to curb Big Convoy's psychotically anti-social behavior, the Maximal Elders ordered him to train a crew of unruly new recruits. Big Convoy loathed the assignment at first, but being a loyal soldier, accepted the task. His first mission was to explore Gaia and investigate the disappearance of Lio Convoy. Little did he know, Magmatron and his Predacons were following close behind him. After finding a black box message from Lio Convoy, Big Convoy learned of the Angolmois capsules ejected after the destruction of the Nemesis. Big Convoy then headed off with his group of trainees to collect the capsules, battling Magmatron every step of the way.

Big Convoy is not one for compassion or sentimental gobbly-gook. Because of this bitter attitude, Vector Sigma took it upon-itself to dispense words of wisdom and encouragement to the recruits directly through Big Convoy, via his Energon Matrix. Big Convoy hated it at first, but over the course of the adventure, the sense of compassion began to rub-off on him and he started giving words of advice all on his own.

Eventually, after the Maximals and Predacons collected all the capsules, they were attacked by the Blentrons, a fearsome trio of nearly invincible Transformers. The Blentrons beat the mortal hell out of him, the Maximals and the Predacons, taking the Angolmois capsules. As it turned out, the Angolmois energy was really the essence of Unicron and the Blentrons were his creations.

The Blentrons released the Angolomois energy into the corpse of Galvatron, resurrecting Unicron. Big Convoy and the Maximals raced him back to Cybertron but were side-tracked by being sucked into a wormhole. It was actually the same wormhole that sucked-in Lio Convoy and his crew after their battle against the Nemesis. Lio Convoy told Big Convoy the history of Unicron and helped him escape the wormhole.

The Maximals arrived too late; Unicron had already destroyed the Maximal armada (and Great Convoy with it) and possessed Vector Sigma, turning Cybertron into his new body. Big Convoy, the Maximal recruits and Magmatron stood side-by-side to fight the menace. Unicron briefly exited Vector Sigma to swat his opponents. Using their new-found teamwork, the Maximals managed to hold Unicron off while Big Convoy powered up his trademarked Big Cannon with his own Energon Matrix. This upgraded his Big Cannon into the Matrix Buster. Big Convoy unleashed a blast from his Matrix Buster directly into Unicron, seemingly destroying him.

With Unicron evicted from Vector Sigma, Big Convoy and Magmatron chose to put aside their differences. Together, all missing Maximals and Predacons set adrift (especially those from Beast Wars II) returned to Cybertron to help rebuild the planet. In the final shot, Big Convoy, Magmatron and Lio Convoy were shown standing side-by-side beneath Vector Sigma.

Beast Wars Neo manga

He was originally a mammoth named "Big" on a planet predate the time of Beast Wars II. He and Magmatron's gang were evolved by the power of Angolmois energy from a Angolmois capsule falling on his home planet. His friends were all killed by Mamgmatron's gang. After Lio Convoy arrived the planet accidentally, he met Big. Big took Lio Convoy to the place where the capsule fell after a conversation. But they were attacked by Magmatron's gang. Eventually, Big pushed Magmatron's gang into the gorge along with the capsule. But the capsule exploded due to the impact. Magmatron and his gang were all evolved into Transformers by the Angolmois energy. Lio Convoy transformed into humanoid mode to fight Magmatron, but he was soon defeated by Magmatron. Big was heavily injured when he used his body as a shield to protect Lio Convoy. Lio Convoy came to after a while, he found dying Big lay beside him. Lio Convoy then used the Enegon Matrix to cure Big. The power of Energon Maxtrix not only cured Big, but turned him into a Transformer named "Big Convoy". But Big Convoy lost all of his memory before he woke up in a snowstorm. (Note: Magmatron was originally three dinosaurs. But the explosion made him became some sort of Fuzor, that is, three dinosaur merge into one mutant dinosaur.)

IDW Beast Wars comics


Where everybody knows your name...

Before his adventures as a woolly mammoth, Big Convoy was shown as part of Cybertron's Bi-Partate Committee for State Affairs alongside Heinrad and Magmatron. The Gathering, Part 1

(Note: In the IDW Beast Wars Sourcebook, it is mentioned that Big Convoy received this prestigious appointment because of his distinguished service in training young Maximals aboard the Gung Ho. Thus it is implied that the IDW Beast Wars comics occur after the IDW universe's variation on the events of Beast Wars Neo (time travel notwithstanding).)


Beast Wars Neo

Bigconvoy shell

I'm NOT a Pretender.

  • Big Convoy (Ultra, 1999)
Japanese ID number: C-35
Big Convoy transforms into a mammoth, and is somewhat infamous for being an extremely-difficult-to-transform shellformer, as practically all of his beast mode components are shells that fit around the compressed robot to form this mode. As such, he has no leg articuation in this mode, though he has a rubber trunk which can be controlled by pushing a lever on the top of his head. As well, the movement of his tusks can be controlled by pulling either of his ears. Big Convoy technically has a beast 'attack mode' where his Big Cannon is folded out.

Pimp My Ribcage.

In robot mode, Big Convoy stands slightly shorter than the original Beast Wars Ultra class Optimus Primal and Lio Convoy toys, but makes up it by being absolutely chock-full of weapons and gimmicks. First and foremost, the spring-loaded Big Cannon, formed out the beast head can fire two missiles from two barrels in sucession with a rotating dial. It is held in his hands and can be stored on his back, though in doing this the weight may cause some stability problems. Secondly, he has flip out tonfa melee weapons in his forearms. Thirdly, the two beast panels on the sides of his legs feature two spring-loaded missile launchers that fire anchor-shaped projectiles (similar to the original Beast Wars Ultra class Megatron toy). Last, but certainly not least, his chest panel flips down, revealing the first-ever removable Matrix toy accessory, vaccum-metalized gold with a transparent red center. This accessory can be held by any figure with standard 5mm fist holes.
This mold was also used to make Black Big Convoy and Universe Nemesis Prime.
  • Big Convoy vs Magmatron (Vs pack, 1999)
Japanese ID number: VS-35

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