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"We are the 13, the first, the forgotten, each of us serving a function vital to the survival of the universe. Each of us designated a Prime and given a function to serve during the long march of infinity."
―Vector Prime [["Vector Prime: In the Beginning"|[src]]]

"And I say unto thee, that one of you shall betray me!" (look to the far left).

When Primus first created his alternate mode of Cybertron, he created a crew of thirteen living robots to man him. These beings, in imitation of Unicron's transformation abilities, were able to change their forms into the likeness of vehicles, weapons, and machinery. They were the First Thirteen Transformers and all granted the rank of "Prime".

Many of the Thirteen died in a battle with Unicron, during which he was sucked down into a black hole and trapped along with his acolyte known as The Fallen, one of the Thirteen who had turned against his brothers and joined Unicron.

Of those that survived, many abandoned their original functions and were lost to time. Only Vector Prime was known to still be following the path he was set upon by Primus.

Note: There are other living, transforming robots created by Primus who predate the Thirteen. The Covenant were made as test models for the Transformer race, and the Thirteen here are the actual production run of the Transformers. Despite the Covenant, the Thirteen are frequently referred to as the "original" Transformers and will be referred to here. Another pre-Thirteen Transformer called Primon also exists. What relation he has to the others is unknown.

The Thirteen


Vector Prime steps forward from the First Thirteen Tabernacle Choir with a heartfelt solo.

The identities of many of the Thirteen remain shrouded in mystery. Below is a list of the confirmed members:

Note: The Liege Maximo was confirmed in Simon Furman's Alignment story as one of the Thirteen, but that story was "unofficial" and of debatable canonicity. The Liege Maximo was later canonized as one of the Thirteen at 2010's BotCon.


Aside from their base functions as "crew" for Primus' planet form and their duty to battle Unicron, each was given another charge. Three of the 4 known members of the Thirteen were charged with protecting specific aspects of the multiverse. Most likely each of the other Thirteen also originally had an assigned role as guardian to some aspect of reality.

Vector Prime was tasked with overseeing the space/time continuum. The Fallen was tasked with overseeing the process of multiversal entropy. Nexus Maximus was the protector of Rarified Energon.

Though not a guardian of any specific thing, Solus Prime was the weapon-smith of the Thirteen and was responsible with creating all of the weapons and equipment of the Thirteen.

Multiversal singularities

The Thirteen are all multiversal singularities like Primus and Unicron, with only one version of each of them existing throughout all the multiverse.[3]

IDW Publishing

Chris Ryall has said there will be a miniseries dealing with Transformer origins, called The Thirteen. [2] What similarity this will have to the previous Original Thirteen stories is unknown. It has since been canceled.

War for Cybertron


The Thirteen are considered by some to be myth, Jazz being the only noticeable example. The last surviving of The Thirteen is Alpha Trion.

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Prime cartoon

Primus created the original Thirteen Transformers in order to tip the scales in his eternal battle with Unicron. Together the Thirteen were able to defeat Unicron. They forced Unicron into stasis and ejected him from Cybertron to drift through space for millions of years.[citation needed]


  • According to the words the Last Autobot: "Since Cybertron's Creation, I have slumbered within the planet, awaiting a time long foreseen by your creator, Primus", it can be inferred that the Last Autobot might be one of the Thirteen.
  • In Prime, One of the Thirteen can be seen as perpetually floating and surrounded by a blue spherical energy field. This figure, or one almost identical to him, is also strangely seen among the elder council during the flashback where Orion Pax first addresses the council. It is currently unknown whether the figure seen among the council is one of the thirteen as this would make him extremely ancient, even for Transformers.
  • In 2009, the Fallen made a surprising appearance as the villain of the second-live action Transformers film, Revenge of the Fallen, where he was a member not of a group of the Original Transformers, but only Seven Primes. Hasbro's October 2009 online Q&A retroactively justified this by explaining that while all the Thirteen were Primes, only seven actually had the word Prime in their names.
  • As of 2010, Hasbro has included Alpha Trion with the Thirteen.