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The Thirteen, also known as the Thirteen Primes and Firstforged were the first original Cybertronians created by Primus to fight Unicron. They were each given the ranking of Prime and addressed as such.


Primus and Unicron were created by a being known as the One splitting apart. While exploring, they became divided and soon fought over the fate of existence. However, as virtual twins they were perfectly matched and neither held an advantage for long, with their battle grinding into a stalemate. In response to this, Primus created the first Cybertronians, using them to combine elements of himself and Unicron. Primus' creations defeated Unicron, but at the cost of unknowingly taking a seed of darkness into themselves.

Knowing that more of their kind would emerge, they established civilizations on the dormant body of Primus, now called Cybertron. However, as with Primus and Unicron, the Primes clashed with one another and eventually perished or disappeared into their newly-established society. As time went on they became the folklores, myths and legends of their people, who would become just as divided as their ancestors and their creator and his enemy.


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  • On Dec. 10, 2013, Transformers: The Covenant of Primus revealed what would become the general origins of the Thirteen.
    • It is possible the word and title of Prime was originally derived from the name of Prima. However, it is also likely derived from the name of their creator Primus.
  • While Vector Prime appeared in the Unicron Trilogy, he was never an outright member of the Thirteen. The Dynasty of Primes from the live-action film series was a group of Primes only composed of seven members. Another version of the Thirteen, inspired by their counterparts in the Aligned Continuity would appear over a year later in the 2005 and 2019 IDW comics. Ask Vector Prime and other media indicated that not all characters presented as members of the Thirteen there were members in other continuities.
  • There are no Thirteen in the Malgus Cluster itself. Rather, the farther one goes back in time, the more primitive the robots become.[1]