Theodore Galloway is a human from the Revenge of the Fallen portion of the live-action film series continuity family.

Director Theodore Galloway is the National Security adviser for the President and was appointed liaison by the president (Apparently, General Morshower didn't get that memo). In his own mind, Galloway is looking out for the security of his own country, while everyone else sees his actions as trying to alienate and exile the Autobots so the human army can win their wars "as they always have".

"Since no one can seem to tell me what the enemy is now after, well, there's only one clear conclusion... YOU! The Autobots! They're here to hunt you!"
―Theodore Galloway, arguing with Optimus Prime[[Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen| [src]]]


Revenge of the Fallen film

After the Decepticon attack in Shanghai, Galloway was displeased with the damage that was done. After running certain facts by Optimus Prime, including the destruction of the All Spark and it's only remaining piece being kept in an electromagnetic vault in one of the most secure Naval Bases in the world, and Megatron's corpse resting in peace at the bottom of the Laurentian Abyss (All of which Soundwave hears by tapping into one of the audio recorders of the N.E.S.T. base), Galloway believes the only reason the Decepticons are still on Earth is to hunt the Autobots. Finding national security at stake, Galloway then asks Optimus that if the best option is for the Autobots to leave Earth, if they will do so peacefully. Optimus respectfully acknowledges Galloway's choice, stating that if the President comes to that conclusion, the Autobots will honor his decision, but then Optimus concludes their discussion by requesting to Galloway to ask the President "What if we leave... and you're wrong?". Major Lennox pointed out to Galloway how good a question it is.

After the death of Optimus Prime, Galloway ultimately decided to shut down N.E.S.T. and deport the Autobots, tearing Lennox's badges off in the process (and pissing off fans by calling Prime's corpse a "pile of scrap metal"). Epps expressed his disgust for Galloway by calling him an asshole. While packing up to return to base, Major Lennox receives the call from Simmons about the possibility of reviving Optimus, and secretly feigned engine failure en route in order to trick Galloway into parachuting out of the plane. Galloway revealed his true colors at that moment, cowering in panic when he couldn't even follow a single word of Lennox's instructions on the procedure for parachuting out of an airplane. Lennox even added more insult to it by slapping him to get him to listen. When Lennox appeared to instruct him to pull the blue cord on his parachute, Galloway did it too early; while he was still on the plane. Galloway parachuted out and landed in the middle of a random desert.

He later reaches General Morshower through a phone that a local villager let him use, but the General hangs up on him, being just as pleased to have him out of the picture as Lennox is. His whereabouts are now unknown because no one really cares. Revenge of the Fallen


  • He doesn't praise any victories for Autobots defeating down Decepticons as he said, "You guys made a real mess in Shanghai", caring more about the destruction to the city than the report that of Sideways and Demolishor had been destroyed.
  • He's more interested in the Autobots weaponry than their intelligence, but Optimus Prime knows better than to share it, having witnessed humanity's capacity for war.
  • By the time he successfully reached General Morshower, he was surrounded by reincarnations of himself with similar levels of intelligence and manners donkeys.

  • He beat Simmons previous record of being hated by fans within a few scenes. Galloway managed it within one, right from his very first appearance, first line in the film. And Simmons even made it up by playing key heroic roles in the later films.
  • He is extremely hated by fans especially for his line "Take that pile of scrapmetal back to Diego Garcia",
  • Prime's question to Galloway in Revenge of the Fallen "What if we leave, and you're wrong?" is answered in Dark of the Moon. The humans exile the Autobots in order to make peace with the Decepticons, who are now invading Earth. However, after the Autobots supposed death it is revealed that the Decepticons did indeed intend to break their promise of peace and instead enslave the Human race.-->
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