The diagonal lines give it zing.

"The battle is far from over!" was one of a series of pack-in flyers from which other Transformers could be ordered. The toys available were the Powerdashers, Omnibots, and Time Warrior. The content was nearly identical to its predecessor "Reinforcements From Cybertron!", but added the S.T.A.R.S. fan club offering to the mix.


Early in the Transformers' war on Earth, the Autobots found the tide of battle turning against them. In desperation, they send a message to Cybertron for help, not knowing if anyone was even left on Cybertron to hear it. Thankfully, their cry was heard, and they soon received a "shipment" containing the Powerdashers, Omnibots, and Time Warriors. Optimus Prime gloated to a nearby "junior officer" that he knew their plea would be fruitful.

Now, Prime notes, the only thing left to do is recruit innocent bystanders into the conflict.


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