The Wrath of the Resurrected Giant Fortress! is the thirty-first episode of Transformers Victory. It first aired in Japan on December 5, 1989 on Nippon TV.



Deathsaurus's fortress lives again, and not even the Autobots seem able to stand in its way!


Timothy Leary's Transformers

With the energy of Atlantis in their clutches, Deathsaurus and the Breastforce head to the Dark Nebula aboard the Thunder Arrow in order to liberate the Emperor of Destruction's Planet-Destroying Fortress. On Earth, Star Saber has already deduced that this is the villain's plan, and dispatches the Brainmasters as an advance unit to chase down and stop the Decepticons from reaching the Dark Nebula. He contacts Greatshot in Sector Two, and requests that he join up with the Brainmasters aboard Galaxy Shuttle en route.

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Meanwhile, on a beach nearby, the poor Dinoforce have been washed up on the shore after being left behind by Deathsaurus. Gōryū is insistent, however, that their emperor will be back for them soon enough, and Kakuryū is happy to get a short vacation. Gōryū is of the mind that warriors don't get vacations, so when Yokuryū returns to report the presence of an energy-filled shuttleport nearby, the team heads out to raid it.

Out in the depths of space, the Thunder Arrow enters the Dark Nebula and flies into the dormant husk of Deathsaurus's fortress, initiating the transfer of Atlantis's energy into its systems. As the Breastforce watch, the fortress slowly comes to life, shifting and moving until it is, at long last, fully re-energized. The Decepticons board the mammoth craft, and when Deathsaurus gives the order, it begins to move... towards Earth.

Back on Earth, Star Saber and Victory Leo are about to depart to join the Brainmasters in space when the report of the Dinoforce's attack on the shuttleport comes in. With their forces spread thin, the two mighty Autobots have no choice but to respond to the threat, and engage Dinoking in battle.

"Wait, guys... it's not what it looks like!

On the fringes of the Dark Nebula, the Brainmasters exit Galaxy Shuttle and combine into Road Caesar to investigate further, only to narrowly avoid a beam from Deathsaurus's fortress as it emerges from the nebula. Greatshot arrives in time to back them up, but they are unable to stop a hail of meteor bombs launching from the fortress and heading straight for Earth. Even the Autobots on the plant itself are powerless to stop the meteors from impacting, and widespread devastation across the face of the planet results. Star Saber spots a meteor hurtling down above him and Victory Leo, and call off their battle with Dinoking so that they can retreat to the safety of the Shuttle Base. Dinoking, unfortunately, takes the full brunt of the subsequent explosion and splits back into the Dinoforce, who blame the Autobots for dropping the bomb. Star Saber informs Gōryū that the meteors are the work of Deathsaurus, but he refuses to believe that his leader would threaten the Earth with the Dinoforce still on it. The truth of the Autobots' words strikes home, however, and Gōryū realizes that they have been abandoned. As Star Saber and Victory Leo depart for space, Pīpō attempts to treat Gōryū's wounds, but he refuses aid from an Autobot until he passes out, allowing Pīpō to tend to him.

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Jean, meanwhile, has strapped a set of boosters to the Illumina II and flies off to his school, fearing for the safety of his friends. He makes a rough landing on the campus, but all his friends emerge unharmed from the school building, and he assures them that Star Saber will save the day.

Deathsaurus' small scale model of his fortress is finished at last!

Out in space, Road Caesar and Greatshot's failure to stop the meteor bombs in flight prompts them to try attacking the launch bay instead. Thankfully, the approaching Star Saber and Victory Leo are able to destroy the remaining bombs as they fly towards Earth, and they just manage to arrive in time to save Greatshot and Road Caesar from death at the hands of the fortress's beam cannons. After Star Saber orders the two Autobots to retreat to Earth, he and Victory Leo are attacked by Liokaiser, but quickly merge into Victory Saber and blast him back into the fortress with one shot. Deathsaurus mutters that it would have been nice to torture Victory Saber a little more, but decides to simply end it now, and promptly strikes the Autobot with a single, powerful beam from his fortress. Victory Saber howls in pain, and is sent spiralling off into space.

Now, with no-one to stand in his way, Deathsaurus's fortress draws closer to Earth with each passing moment...


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Transformers references

  • The theft of Atlantis's energy and the abandonment of the Dinoforce occurred in the previous episode.
  • Greatshot was appointed commander of the Sector Two defense force in "Awaken! Victory Leo".

Real world references

  • A member of the horrified crowd that looks up as the meteors come crashing down is wearing a… smock with "Van Halen" written on it.


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