The Wraith is a human superhero in the Transformers: Animated continuity family.

"Poof" sums it up really.

You know, the day needed saving a long time before the Autobots showed up. And in those dark days, Detroit turned to The Wraith. An intangible being, who played on the fear of the supernatural that all criminals share, he kept the streets safe for man, woman, child and automaton. But with the arrival of giant alien robots, with technology light years ahead of Earth and a range of amazing abilities, this defender of justice has been ousted, shoved to the side, forgotten about. But, one day they will realize who their real savior is and on that day, they shall turn to... the Shadow... I mean the Batman... no... what was his name again?


Transformers Animated comic

Spoiler jazz

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details for The Arrival issue 2 follow.

The Angry Archer's latest scheme was interrupted by the arrival of the Wraith. He had the situation under control, when suddenly an Autobot showed up, and not only stole his thunder, but revealed the secret of his powers: he was projecting holograms from a truck the entire time. The Wraith wasn't about to be shaken however, and attempted to capture the mutant, Colossus Rhodes, who promptly tipped him out of his truck and prepared to squish him! Not only did he have to endure being saved by the Autobot, but the press ignored him completely! The Wraith had finally had enough, and tried to disgrace the Autobots using his holograms. Sadly, his plan failed, and he was carted off to an insane asylum. The Arrival issue 2

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