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Shockwave captures an oil-drilling platform, then is challenged by Megatron for command of the Decepticons.


Shockwave single-handedly attacks and captures Blackrock's oil-drilling platform. In the process, designer Josie Beller is severely injured. Meanwhile, inside the Ark, Optimus Prime's still-living head instructs Buster to connect two wires from Prime's forehead to Buster's own. This results in an electric shock, knocking Buster unconscious. However, he remains unnoticed by the Decepticons, and returns to Ratchet to report his findings. Meanwhile, Megatron challenges Shockwave for command of the Decepticons, but is defeated. Shockwave returns to the Ark with Megatron's injured form to use as a demonstration to the other Decepticons of what they can expect if they challenge him.


Writer(s): Bob Budiansky
Art: Alan Kupperberg
Colors: Nelson Yomtov
Letters: Rick Parker
Editor(s): Jim Owsley
  • Cover date: July, 1985

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans


  • Josie Beller looks about 10 years older (and about half as bubbly) than she did in the previous issue.
  • Skywarp is colored as Thundercracker on page 9. Also on this page, Frenzy (or Rumble) is depicted as larger than Soundwave.
  • The last panel on page 14 (Shockwave being blasted out of Mount St. Hilary and across town) looks like it was drawn by an entirely different artist. (Likely William Johnson, who draws Shockwave in a more toy-accurate style in the next two issues.)
  • On page 16, on the third panel, Megatron's speech bubble was likely meant for Shockwave.
  • On page 21, panel 2 Thundercracker is colored very oddly. His chest is colored white, his nosecone on his chest is colored orange instead of yellow, and his face inside his head is colored blue instead of grey. There are also little mistakes on his arms and legs.
  • On page 22, Ratchet has a Decepticon symbol.
  • Throughout the issue, the Seekers are drawn with the "Van Gogh" ear, later picked up by José Delbo.
  • Ratchet says that he thought Shockwave was still on Cybertron. Yet he was the one who received the report about his presence in the Savage Land and despatched the probe that inadvertedly revived him.

Items of note

  • Cameos: Blackrock oil rig employees and security, Vallemont football team.

Covers (3)


Shockwave shows his feelings about rising oil prices!

  • U.S. cover: Shockwave blasting Megatron by Alan Kupperberg
  • UK issue 24 cover: Shockwave blasting oil rig by Robin Smith
  • UK issue 25 cover: reuse of U.S. art


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