Prime and Megatron see visions of the Matrix, while Starscream begins his destructive hijacking of Megatron's plan.


As Grimlock's team descends deeper into Cybertron, Kup makes casual conversation, questioning Grimlock's attitude. Grimlock, of course, just reasserts that he's a badass. Following Prime's energy signature, they discovers one of Megatron's planetary turbines. Adapting the plan, Grimlock orders the rest of his team to sabotage whatever the Decepticons are up to.

Shockwave delivers a killing blow to two Guardian robots, giving the Decepticons a clear path to the last remaining core of Iacon. From their staging grounds in the Decagon, Prowl and his teammates prepare to make their final stand.

Inside of a vision from the Matrix, Prime and Megatron witness future incarnations of themselves battling at some alien location. When not-future Megatron continues his attack on not-future Optimus, the scenery again re-aligns itself further into the future, where Headmasters and Targetmasters continue the war. After another shift, the two arrive back in the present, but the Matrix teleports Optimus to Grimlock. Grimlock gives Optimus his sword, suggesting the Autobot leader take more active measures in dealing with Megatron.

Starscream, planning to destroy everything on Cybertron's surface, disregards Scrapper's warnings about how the turbines function. Ironhide, Kup, and Wheeljack overhear the plan, but are discovered by two other Constructicons. With the plot discovered, Starscream activates the engine beneath Iacon. As Shockwave stands victorious, the Autobots' capital city is devastated by superheated plasma.

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"I know it's the image, right? "Me Grimlock -- badass", but c'mon... there must have been someone you respected."

—Kup, on the subject of Grimlock

"Me, Grimlock -- badass!"

Grimlock, on the same subject

"You don't think too much of our current Prime, I can see that. But Sentinel Prime? He had his head screwed on."
"Eh. Not at end he didn't."

—Kup and Grimlock

"I get a real bad feeling about this."

—Kup, doing a Han Solo impersonation


—Grimlock has FURMAN POWER!


  • Spelling and Grammar Errors:

Wheeljack: "There's a sub-planetary strata--a second skin--ready and waiting to force it's was to the surface."
Megatron: "It almost seems as if you have a gaurdian spirit, Prime..."

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The Transman makes Optronix a balloon-bot.


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