Following the death of Sentinel Prime, the Council of Ancients chooses an unlikely successor.


The Autobot leader, Sentinel Prime is killed in battle and the Council of Ancients select Optronix, an undistinguished archivist as the new Autobot leader. At first unwilling, Optronix finally accepts the Matrix of Leadership.

However, the war is going badly for the Autobots. Knowing how bad it is, Grimlock calls Jazz, Prowl, and others to the ruins of Praxus, where he declares that if the new Prime is unable to take the fight to the Decepticons, they will take control of the war... and take out the Prime.

In Iacon, the Matrix is formally given to Optronix. After inserting it into himself, its power causes him to transform into Optimus Prime. Shortly after, he is attacked by a Decepticon assassination squad. Grimlock prevents the other Autobots from interfering so that they can discover how good a leader he will be. Prime defeats the three Decepticon attackers without difficulty, much to the admiration of the watching Autobots. Their elation is soon turned to dismay, when Prime announces that he doesn't feel that Cybertron is worth fighting for and orders the Autobots to evacuate.

However, Megatron has other ideas...

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  • "Sentinel Prime is dead... They say Megatron himself ripped the spark core from his shattered torso.They say that he took his sweet time, killed Prime diode at a time. They say-"

"They say a lot, don't "They."

- Bluestreak and Optronix, on the fall of Sentinel Prime.


  • Skywarp's and Thundercracker's colors schemes are reversed in one panel.
  • Grimlock's and Kup's optic colors are switched quite poorly in one panel. Blue over red and red over blue respectively.

Items of note

Covers (2)

DW TWW 1 hologram

Glitchy picture, but it is the lenticular cover.

—both by Don Figueroa

  • Regular Cover: wraparound foldout of the story's major characters; colors by Alan Wang
  • Incentive Cover: Lenticular image of Optimus Prime transforming


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