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The War Within: The Age of Wrath was intended to be a six-part miniseries published by Dreamwave Productions in 2004, set in the main G1 Dreamwave continuity. Its story follows the return of Megatron to Cybertron and his conquest of the planet with a million-strong army of seemingly unbeatable drone warriors, and a rebel Autobot group's attempts to stop him.

The War Within: The Age of Wrath issues:


Set some time after the events of The War Within: The Dark Ages, The Age of Wrath finds the various factions on the brink of signing a peace accord. The ceremonies are rudely interrupted by the arrival of Megatron, however; soon the Decepticon leader has conquered the entire planet with an army of drones, with most of the Autobots enslaved. A band of Autobot freedom fighters captures one of the drones to study, while searching for the lost Optimus Prime.

The series made prominent use of some later-era characters such as Nightbeat and Getaway, and even the Turbomasters.

Dreamwave went bankrupt after the publication of issue #3, preventing the publication of the final three issues.

Creative team

Like its two predecessors, the series was written by Simon Furman. Pencils were done by Joe Ng, who provided additional re-designs of old characters to give them Cybertronian vehicle forms.

Items of note

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