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This article is about the Dreamwave comic book series. For the Transformers: Legends event, see The War Within (Legends).


Well, this about sums up the story!

The War Within is a six-part miniseries published by Dreamwave Productions in 2001, Sets in the main Generation One Dreamwave continuity. It depicts the early days of the Autobot/Decepticon war and Optimus Prime's ascension to leader of the Autobots. The series was successful enough to lead to two[1] sequel series.

The War Within issues:
#1 | #2 | Preview | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6

"For curing grief of the fans who look at AMADA (TV) and are drowned in sadness."
―Broken translation of Hirofumi Ichikawa's "TWW review"


Eons ago on Cybertron, the Great War is in its early stages, with the vicious Megatron cutting a swath through the ranks of the Autobots. When the previous Prime is killed, the High Council chooses a common data entry bot to step up and become the new leader: Optimus Prime. But not everyone is happy with the new choice, as his initial command decision is to surrender Cybertron to the Decepticons. Meanwhile, Megatron works to activate planetary scale engines which could remake the face of Cybertron. He needs one thing to power them... and Optimus Prime has it.

The War Within was the first of any series to seriously re-imagine G1 characters as they might have appeared on Cybertron. Previously, pre-Earth Transformers were often just simplified versions of their Earthen selves, if they were redesigned at all.

Creative team[]

The series was written by long-time Transformers scribe Simon Furman, marking his return to mainstream Transformers comics. Pencils were by Don Figueroa, who also did the redesigns of dozens of Generation One characters for the series.

Items of note[]

  • Though the individual comics from Dreamwave were titled Transformers: The War Within, the collected volume from IDW Publishing is titled Transformers: War Within, possibly for trademark reasons.
  • Several of Figueroa's designs were later made into toys for the Titanium Series toy line, including Optimus Prime, Thundercracker (recolored into Starscream, Skywarp — both of whom had slightly different designs in the series itself — and Sunstorm, who did not exist in the time period), Megatron, Grimlock and Prowl. Starscream's design was also adapted for Unicron Trilogy Starscream's Cybertron form. An unpainted prototype was developed for War Within Bumblebee with an alternate head for Cliffjumper, which will likely never see release.
  • It is noteworthy that this continuity (aside from Optimus' design) was essentially tossed aside in favour of the Cybertron backstory of War for Cybertron, as that is now the official canon. The developers made no reference to this storyline, having claimed that the war on Cybertron has never been explored "in any other media."


  • On the back cover of the trade paperback collection, "Transformers", in one place, is spelled "Transfrormers", including on the IDW reprint.




  1. Well, one and a half. It was not successful enough to keep Dreamwave from folding halfway through Age of Wrath.