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The universe is under threat by an ancient force. Same song, different verse...


On a distant world, a scientist frees a group of imprisoned entities in a desperate attempt to save himself from enemy soldiers. These entities, the Destructons, make short work of the enemy soldiers, but also turn around and destroy the scientist as well. However, a warning message survives, and although one of the Destructons attempts to destroy it, the dim-witted being only manages to send it out into the depths of space.

The beacon containing the message eventually lands on the planet of Tau-Ursa, where it is recovered by a native worker, who ignores its warnings. The planet is soon attacked by the Decepticons, who steal a device that can increase energon... or decrease it. A Tau-Ursan warns the Autobots, who return to Tau-Ursa in an attempt to stop the Decepticons, but the Decepticons create a diversion, keeping only a token force on Tau-Ursa while the others go to Cybertron, using the device as a weapon to deplete Cybertron's energon reserves.

While on Tau-Ursa, the Autobots recover the message warning them about the Destructons, and Kup, remembering them from an ancient battle and recognizing the danger they pose to the universe, joins a team to search for them. The Decepticons attack the Autobots during their investigations, but the Destructons arrive to intervene. After Optimus Prime leads a separate team to destroy the Decepticon's energon-depleting weapon, he convinces the Autobots and the Decepticons to join forces, since it is only together that they can hope to defeat the Destructons.

To be continued.... In theory.

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  • Apeface is clearly and consistently spelled as two words. Also, "Ultra-Magnus" should not be spelled with a hyphen.

Items of note

  • This may possibly be the first instance ever of an official Transformers tale that promised further installments which never appeared. It wouldn't be the last....
  • Laserbeak is not named, so it's possible that Buzzsaw is featured instead, but Laserbeak is the one usually depicted spying on others.
  • Though several Targetmasters appear in this issue, only Cyclonus, Scourge and Kup are shown to be brandishing their Targetmaster partners. No special attention is called to the Nebulans, however.
  • This story may be intended to take place in the cartoon continuity. Hot Rod comments to Prime, "It is good good to have you back" (apparently referencing "The Return of Optimus Prime"), and Prime seems to be in his original Generation One form, not his Powermaster body. Also, Scorponok's and Galvatron's rivalry seems to resemble the rivalry the characters had in "The Rebirth".
  • Fastlane and Cloudraker are not mentioned by name, and they are barely visible and poorly detailed, but their presence may be inferred by Optimus Prime's comment: "Two can play that game" after the attack by Decepticon clones Pounce and Wingspan. Also, one brother (Who knows which?) calls the other "clone brother" when dispatching Blast Off.

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  1. Unlike most Transformers comics, these creators were simply listed all together, with no indication as to who did what, or even first names to indicate who these folks might have actually been. A "John Stephenson" was the writer for Blackthorne's Battle Beasts comic.
  2. It is impossible to tell which of the Autobot clones appears first, as they both appear only in robot mode, and both go completely unnamed.
  3. It is impossible to tell which of the Decepticon clones appears first, since they both appear in robot mode first and go unnamed until they reveal their beast modes.