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Rodimus Prime leads the Autobots to Earth — but there's a traitor on board...

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 251
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Marvel UK issues #251

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Staz
Lettering: Glib


New Year's Day, 2009. Following the timeline reset that left Galvatron in charge of Cybertron, Rodimus leads the Autobots in a retreat to Earth. As the Autobots enter hyperspace - or the Void, as it's nicknamed - Rodimus is feeling the widespread unspoken resentment at the idea of running away.

Doubleheader and Pincher discover the ship's guidance systems have been destroyed, meaning Kup to realise there's a saboteur onboard and they're flying blind. Soon afterwards, Rodimus Prime goes missing. Kup begins to crosscheck lifesigns against crew listings in the hope of identifying the unknown enemy - who Doubleheader runs into and recognises as an Autobot before he's gunned down. As the Autobot ship emerges from hyperspace too close to Earth and with emergency retros dead, Kup discovers there are no extra lifesigns - "the saboteur is one of us!".

Items of note

  • The story continues into Edge of Impact and then into the next two issues; multi-part stories with a different title for each part would be the norm from this point on.
  • This 4-part story is the last appearance of the post-movie cast and era.
  • This issue continues a theme begun by several of the UK comic's previous major "future" storylines, in that it takes place on New Year's Day ("The Legacy of Unicron! was set at the start of 2008, while 2009 marked the start of "Time Wars"). The problem, however, is that the narration claims that this story also happens on New Year's Day 2009, meaning that either Rodimus and co. arrived in the revised timeline earlier than they left, or the unlikely possibility that their return, the "Galvatron" chapter of "Aspects of Evil!" and this story all occurred on the same day. Given that the two previous stories were published in January 1988 and 1989 respectively (twenty years before their in-story date), it's pretty safe to assume that this story, printed one day before New Year's Day 1990, was supposed to take place in 2010.
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