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The Unicron Battles was the subtitle for the last portion of the Armada franchise in late 2003

The last few waves of the toyline had this subtitle as an imprint, as did the last 12 episodes of the anime, beginning with episode 41, "Depart".

The Casualties

Fate unknown

  • Side Swipe- Last seen on the Autobot ship
  • Wheeljack- Last seen one the Autobot ship
  • Overload- Last seen on Unicron
  • Scavenger- Last Seen on Autobot ship
  • Hoist- Last seen on Autobot ship
  • Rhinox- Last seen in Autobot fighter
  • Airazor- Last seen in Autobot war ship hanger
  • Terrorsaur- Last seen in Autobot war ship hanger
  • Predacon- Last seen in Autobot war ship hanger
  • Cheetor- Last seen in Autobot war ship hanger

Characters that do not appear until Energon or Cybertron



  • Unicron was not destroyed in the Unicron Battles but was severely damaged and rendered dormant when trying to destroy Planet Q years later.


Armada's final 11 episodes, now bearing The Unicron Battles as an extension of the series title, took place on 5 locations Earth, Cybertron, Unicron, an astroid belt and an unknown planet.

It starts on earth shortly after Optimus Prime's death. The Autobots leave Earth to go after the Decepticons.

A great battle erupts later. With things looking bad for the Autobots, Prime's Mini-Con Sparkplug raised the Matrix of leadership and revived Optimus Prime. The Autobots won the battle.

Red Alert and Hot Shot then fall into a worm hole and are sent to an unknown planet. Megatron, Starscream, Demolishor and Tidal Wave later arrive as well.

The Autobots later encounter Nemesis Prime. Attempting to retreat, the Autobots flee, only to encounter the Decepticons. Nemesis attacks Megatron who destroys him with the Requiem Blaster.

Hot Shot and Red Alert are badly damaged. Nemesis comes back online, attacking everyone using the Vorpal Saber. As he prepares to land a killing blow, the Mini-Cons arrive and destroy him. Soon they then reformat the injured.

Then the Autobots' ship comes - Optimus and Overload shoot down to the planet and as Megatron, now Galvatron, was about to destroy him Nemesis Prime came back to life again but 10 times bigger than Optimus transformed into his super mode the overload transformed into cannons and powerlinked to him the Optimus and Galvatron distroyed him the a hologram of Sideways happered then the planet broke up.

Galvatron and the Decepticons invade Cybertron, setting the stage.

While on Cybertron's moon Thrust obtained the Sky Boom Shield and Reqiuem Blaster.

Hot Shot and Wheeljack (who is now temporarly back on the Autobots' side) as well as Starscream are on the moon which then begins to shift then when they get off a mouth and claws came out the moon and Unicron was revealed, then Wheeljack and Starscream went back to the decepticons.

Optimus Prime tries to unite the Autobots and Decepticons but it didn't work. Starscream, now an Autobot again tried to himself but it didn't work. He then sacrifices himself to show what Unicron was capable of. 2 minutes after his death Sideways takes the Star Saber.

He brings the Star Saber into Unicron. Galvatron and Optimus meet and unite forces. Then the Armada attacks Unicron but this didn't do much good. Then Hot Shot, SideSwipe, Demolishor and Cyclonus take pods to find Unicron's weakness. Cyclonus runs off and Demolishor when off on his but did get all data off Unicron.

Unicron let out Dead End Drones. They destroyed the other Decepticons and Cyclonus almost fell to his death but Demolishor grabbed him then they told Optimus and Jetfire that their pod is trashed, then Optimus and Jet powerlinked and went in to get them. Galvatron saved him from getting blasted, then they rescued them. Optimus looked at Unicron and saw his Transformation was complete and he was huge.

Hot Shot made a desperate attack on Unicron then Demolishor / Hoist found Unicron's weak point, then Optimus, Jetfire and Overload powerlinked,As well as Galvatron and Tidal Wave. Then Thrust and Galvatron came face to face, Thrust rambled on about how powerful Unicron was the he fell into Unicrons transforming shoulder and got crushed when Galvatron walked away.

Optimus and Galvatron went into Unicron through the chest cannon then when they found Unicron's heart. Sideways revealed himself but he told him he was Unicron. He then killed Galvatron and the kids and possessed the Mini-Cons when they got inside but they some how woke up the possessed Mini-Cons and they released the Sword,Sheild and Gun then Sideways tried to kill High Wire but got shot and killed by Optimus with the Requiem Blaster then Galvatron told Optimus he and him had to battle

Optimus and the kids tried not to battle Galavrton but he did not listen to them. Optimus then told them good-bye but the humans didn't want to go, but then they came to there senses. The mini-cons flew them out of Unicron and Optimus took the Matrix out of his chest and dropped it and him and Galvatron fought.

Unicron moved,Jetfire and Cyclonus picked up the kids and they told them that they are going to battle Optimus and Galvatron continued to fight and Hot Shot and the Armada began to fight Unicron again.

Optimus and Galvatron got blown out the side of Unicron and continued there fight then Unicron started to glow and Optimus and Galvatron were hanging from his mouth and Galvatron told him to let him go Optimus refused and Galvatron got his Dagger and cut off his tread witch Optimus was holding Galvatron fell to his death. Unicron disapeered and Optimus floated into space when he saw the Matrix he said he didn't deserved to wear.

Hot Shot and Jetfire dropped off the kids on Earth, emotionally exchange good-byes.

The Unicron Battles end with Optimus flying back to Cybertron and Unicron about to descend on Planet Q like some vast, predatory bird...

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