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Generation One was an ongoing series published by Dreamwave Productions, set in the main G1 Dreamwave continuity and following up on their two Generation One miniseries, Prime Directive and War and Peace. It told of various events both on Cybertron and Earth. The series was canceled after issue #10 when Dreamwave went bankrupt.

Generation One issues:


Generation One follows directly after the events of War and Peace. Optimus Prime is being repaired after that story and hence is absent from most of the series, allowing other characters to shine. Among the series' multiple plot threads are the plans of the hyper-powered clone Sunstorm, the return of the Autobots to Earth and their subsequent alliance with the Earth Defense Command, the independent scheming of Starscream, the return of Megatron, and the Transformers delving deep into their sinister past.

The series makes extensive use of elements drawn directly from the cartoon (for example, Bruticus emulates the strange grunting roars he made when first forming in Starscream's Brigade.) It also begins to diversify its cast, with lesser-knowns such as Bumper and Sunstorm taking prominent roles.

The first six issues would have been titled Ascension when collected into a trade paperback, but again, bankruptcy.[citation needed]

Creative Team

The series was written by Brad Mick and Adam Patyk and penciled by Don Figueroa.

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